A Hidden Camera Catches What Happens When This Mailman Gets Close To A Massive German Shepherd

Updated August 4, 2016

There are tales that go back farther than we can remember of the family dog barking at the mailman as he comes up to the door to deliver the daily mail or Sunday paper.  Dogs are known to have an infinite gripe with the mailman because they are invading onto their territory.

Though many dogs may still live up to this expectation and stereotype, there many more dogs in between that do not bark their heads off and would rather would like to be friends with the mailman.

If you were to think of any dog being extra friendly though, the last one you will probably think of is a German Shepherd.  This is because these dogs have been given a bad reputation for their violent actions just like Pit Bulls.  This is not only a rather unfair assumption but an untrue one as well because it is proven time and time again how these dogs simply act the way they do due to training conditions and how their owners treated them.

German Shepherds are like almost any other dog; they want to play, they want love, and they just want to have a good time, which is why one German Shepherd named Kyza would always wait by the front gate of his owner Michael’s yard in anticipation for the mailman to come and give her the love she wants.

This is because nobody else in the neighborhood would like to stop and pet Kyza or have their children interact with Kyza in fear that she would become agitated and snap at them, which is one of the worst fears of any parent due not only to the dog’s reputation, but to the size of the German Shepherds as well.

Michael would notice that the mailman would come rain or shine, and would hop off of his bike every single time no matter if it was to come pat Kyza or give her a hug.  Kyza absolutely treasures these types of rare moments and will be willing to do almost anything in order to get some love and attention from the people that she sees pass by nearly every day.

Michael set up a hidden camera so that he could videotape the mailman Steve coming to pet Kyza, and just as he does every day, he was able to catch Steve red handed petting Kyza after he hopped off his bike and delivered the mail.  Michael was so happy to see this type of love being given for his dog, and so he posted the video on Facebook and said, “I’m not sure who to tag on Facebook for him to see this!  But thanks man, keep up the good job and you’ve definitely got a friend waiting for ya!!”

This little moment in time means so much for the misunderstood Kyza, and shows how much such little can do.  If you want to see Michael’s video, check it out below and let us know your thoughts on the video down in the comments!