Video: This Nanny Had No Idea She Was Being Filmed And The Footage Makes Me Feel Sick And Angry

Updated December 19, 2016

Leaving your child at home is a risky business.  Sometimes it must be done so that you can go about your day and you can do what you need to do. But, it can be difficult to choose a caregiver for your child, especially if they are not a close friend or family member.

If your child is not old enough to take care of themselves, then hiring somebody like a babysitter might be necessary.  This can be just as risky though, as babysitters have been accused of child abuse. You really need to do a thorough background check and interview before trusting anyone with your beloved children, no matter how innocent or fit for the job they may seem.

This story takes place in Uganda, where a father left his child with a housekeeper.

The child was eating a food of some sort, and ended up spilling some of the food in the ground accidentally.  Upon seeing the mess, the housekeeper lost it.

The video shows the housekeeper getting upset with the child, and taking her left hand, and pushing the child over face first onto the ground.

She then proceeds to beat the child with an object.  You can see the strife of the child as she falls. All this over some spilled food; no child deserves this kind of abuse and pain.

The father of the child saw the video, and took matters into his own hands. He got revenge in the only way he knew how. He allegedly went up to the housekeeper, and beat her severely. A statement was released talking about the condition of the housekeeper saying, “The nanny is now reportedly confined to a wheelchair and feeding through tubes due to severe beating she received from the baby’s father.”

The housekeeper is now being charged with alleged murder as well.

Do you think this father was out of line with what he did? Should the housekeeper be charged with alleged murder? What do you think?

If you want to see the video that is causing all of this uproar, you can view it down below, and let us know what you think the nanny should be charged with in the comments!