VIDEO: This Toddler Tells Mom To Stop What She’s Doing. What This Child Says Next? HILARIOUS!

Updated April 25, 2016

Sometimes the “words” that come out of a toddler’s mouth just force a smile onto our faces. But not only does little Amelie in the video here have a lot to tell her mom, she is saying it with a lot of force.

In the short video clip below, you’ll see how passionate the little toddler is. She just HAS to get her message to mommy. See the adorable moment below.

As soon as Amelia walks into the kitchen, she has some things to tell mama. While we aren’t exactly sure what all the hullabaloo is about, this little toddler is CERTAIN her message cannot go to waste.

During the toddler’s adorable rant, she gesticulates passionately with her entire arms – waving them up and down to punctuate the importance of her words.

So what is little Amelie disgruntled about? As mommy says, it seems like her brother wants to watch cartoons. And this has upset little Amelie to no end. She doesn’t want cartoons, she wants her favorite show.

Watch the adorable moment this toddler goes on a rant in the video below.

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