Video: This Unflattering Statue of Lucille Ball Was Finally Replaced With One That Shows Her Beauty

Updated August 11, 2016

Back in August 2012, sculptor Dave Poulin was commissioned to create a bronze statue of actress Lucille Ball that was to be installed at the Lucille Ball Memorial Park in Celoron, N.Y. When he unveiled his work, everyone in the home town of the late actress gasped. The statue looked nothing like that beautiful actress and was a terrifying caricature of her appearance.

The residents of the actress’s New York hometown quickly dubbed Poulin’s failed work “Scary Lucy” and it went viral last year after locals claimed it looked nothing like the star of “I Love Lucy.” And when you see the terrible bronze you’ll be forced to agree with them.

But while the first statue was widely mocked for not resembling the famous actress, the new statue was highly anticipated and was recently unveiled this week.

The new Lucille ball statue was created by artist Carolyn D. Palmer and was unveiled on August 6, 2016.

While locals awaited the new statue, they chanted “Lucy!” as Celeron Mayor Scott Schrecengost and the sculptor revealed the life-sized replacement. The ceremony coincided on what would have been the actress’s 105th birthday.

After locals reacted negatively to the first statue, calling Dave Poulin’s creation a “nightmare,” Mayor Schrecengost felt compelled to pay out more taxpayer dollars to create another statue of the famed actress.

For the second go around, the town hired Carolyn Palmer after a lengthy application process. She made an accurate likeness of the actress and depicts her in a polka-dot dress.

“Well, it’s been quite a ride,” Schrecengost said at the ceremony, according to the AP. “A little over a year ago, we got beat up pretty good.”

“She is 100% bronze. She is 750 pounds and the pedestal is maybe another 750 pounds, so she’s not going anywhere!” Palmer told CNN. “I pretty much put my all in her and I am very happy.”

Celoron residents seem much happier with this Lucille Ball statue.

“People gasped when she was unveiled and everyone looked so happy,” Palmer said. “I am relieved that the response has been positive. I went back to the park incognito and sat on a bench and people were there looking at her and touching her and it was great. All that work was not done in vain. I am very pleased tonight.”

Carolyn Palmer is an acclaimed bronze statue artist who has created likenesses of Pope Francis, Eleanor Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, and the Wright Brothers. She is currently in progress of making a sculpture of President Bill Clinton.

According to her website, “Palmer is an accomplished sculptor whose passion is creating larger than life-size bronze busts and figures, many of which are displayed in prominent museums and public venues as well as in various private collections…[Her] spectacular sculpture of Pope Francis [is] displayed in the entrance of the Papal Residence to greet the Holy Father.  The Holy Pontiff performed a special benediction over it during his visit to the USA in 2015.

“Recently Carolyn unanimously won a national competition to sculpt a life size bronze figure of Lucille Ball for Lucy’s hometown in Jamestown NY.”

Although the new sculpture is getting a lot of good press, the Mayor doesn’t plan to remove the “ugly” statue that was compared to a zombie. Since it went viral, a lot of people have come to see just how hideous it is. “Scary Lucy” is good for tourism.

“We left it here because it has been such an attraction. We’ve had thousands of people here over the past year from all over,” Schrecengost told CNN affiliate WIVB. “Even though the other statue is called ‘Scary Lucy’ or ‘Ugly Lucy,’ whatever the people want to call it, it’s still artwork and not all artwork is beautiful.”

What do you think of the new life-sized bronze sculpture of Lucille Ball? Is it a lot better than the first one or what?

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