VIDEO: Three Professional Dancers Let This Baby Lead The Class. What Ensues? ADORABLE!

Updated May 5, 2016

Watch a baby closely. Especially when he or she is learning how to walk or talk. A baby makes so many mistakes in a fluid, nonjudgmental way, that it could be seen as a sort of dance.

And that’s exactly what these professional dancers saw when they let a busy baby into their dance studio. But they didn’t laugh when he fell to his bum. They used the baby as inspiration for a new type of modern dance. See the choreographed routine they invented inspired by a baby in the video down below!

Watch how these professional dancers draw their inspiration from the bumbling babe. With him on the dance floor, they que up the music and watch closely.

As the 14-month-old baby stumbles around trying to keep his balance, the professional dancers mimic the baby’s movements as closely as they can. Does it look like they’re performing some type of choreographed modern dance? It sure does to me!

But this baby seems to be doing so much more than just bumbling around. He is a natural dancer! And a leader!

Studying a baby must be an exciting challenge for a dancer. They need improvisational skills and the ability to think outside the box. Babies are just doing what comes naturally. They’re not preconditioned by society to act a certain way. It’s an unfiltered experience of the human body.

Watch the 63-second clip and tell us what you think!

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