Video: What He Did To 94-Year-Old Has Many Calling Him The Most Disgusting Person In NYC

Updated September 9, 2016

According to CCTV footage captured yesterday at a New York City retail store, a lowlife proved that nothing is sacred. He stole a 94-year-old woman’s pension money right from out of her bra strap!

The video footage, which shows the young man targeting the wheelchair bound Maria Vasquez at a store on East 116th Street in East Harlem at about 12:15pm. The elderly woman was shopping for new slippers when the criminal did the unthinkable and stole from the old woman…

The camera footage depicts the criminal trying to walk casually up behind the old woman. He pretends to just look around the store. But he really doesn’t plan on buying anything at all. His intention is to steal from little old woman who are confined to wheelchairs because they are vulnerable.

Unlike the grandmother who was saved from being scammed into buying iTunes gift cards, Vasquez became a victim.

The young man walks over to the old woman’s side and glances down her bra. Then he reaches over and pulls her pension money before he quickly leaves the establishment.

The 94-year-old woman is in utter shock. She can’t believe the criminals of New York have gotten this brazen. It seems that since Mayor Giuliani left, the crooks have returned in droves and are more depraved than ever before.

“I was scared. I wasn’t expecting it,” Vasquez told The Post Thursday. “He reached over and startled me, yanking the envelope from my bra.”

The young crook took all of the money Vasquez had to live on for the entire month of September. It was just $600 and now she will go hungry.

Vasquez is a Dominican Republic native and never knew criminals were this brazen in America. She didn’t know how to react when the man grabbed at her chest.

“He scratched me and took off running. I just screamed, ‘Run, run, he stole my money!’ I jumped in my chair because I was strapped in. There was nothing I could do.”

Felicia Reyes, the old woman’s caretaker, tries to assist the woman and comfort her, but it is too late. Not even Reyes, who is a much younger woman, was fast enough to beat the crook at his own depraved game.

“It was very fast. I didn’t even know what happened,” said Reyes. “The money was in her bra, since I cannot carry the money. She didn’t have a handbag.”

The young criminal fled from the police after he ran from the 116th Street store and he is still at large.

In the video, the crook has a “man bun” and a trimmed beard. He had on a gray t-shirt and a man-purse-style bag slung over his shoulder.

Vasquez lives blocks from the store. Since her stroke, she has been confined to the wheelchair.

Since the caretaker isn’t legally allowed to carry the money, she put it in the old woman’s bra for safekeeping after they took the money out of the bank. She had assumed that no criminal would ever stick their hand in there.

“He must have seen me in the bank and followed me. He had the intention to rob me,” Vasquez said.

“I hope . . . he gets punished, but I don’t want the death penalty for him,” she said. “I pray he changes his ways.”

“Of course I forgive him. Just as Jesus Christ forgave. I pray God will bring him to justice.”

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