VIDEO: When He Opened The Porta Potty, He Never Thought He’d See THIS. She Sure Isn’t Shy…

Updated January 28, 2016

Some pranks on the internet are clever, and others are just plain wacky. This latest one from Just For Laughs Gags is definitely more odd than smart but still, making random strangers think a woman is showering in a public porta potty is definitely setting the stage for some hilarious reactions.

The public doesn’t disappoint, especially once you get towards the end! Not only are these guys not stunned by the woman in the porta potty, some of them decide to go way beyond the line of duty once she extends a hand.

The set up is simple – it’s a woman, naked in a porta potty. The door is unlocked and water is presumably running from somewhere. The first few people are understandably stunned by seeing blond hair and lots of skin, especially considering they were just looking for a place to do their business. Better find another pot!

The best part is when the blond woman starts asking men and women to help her out. Surprisingly, a lot of them are pretty nice about it, handing her a long-handled sponge. A few guys are even willing to scrub her back, and by the end you won’t believe what happens.

Looks like pretending to shower in a porta potty could be a decent way to pick up guys – take notes ladies. Or not, surely there are better ways.

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