VIDEO: When Steve Harvey Spotted A Lady In The Audience With THIS, He Immediately Walked Off Stage..

Updated July 15, 2016

During the filming of the Steve Harvey show, the host and comedian decided to interrupt his own program for some lighthearted banter with an elderly woman in the audience. He had learned from his producers that the woman in the front row was celebrating her 100th birthday. The woman, Estella Nelson from Virginia, watches Harvey’s show every day and she made the trip to come and see him in person.

The comedian is overjoyed to have this centurion in his audience and tells her that he hopes to be 100 someday too. They talk back and forth for a few minutes but by the end of the conversation Steve Harvey walks away in shock. You’ve got to see what went wrong…

When Harvey approached the woman celebrating her 100th birthday, the host was in shock. He couldn’t believe the woman was 100 as she is a true testament to the phrase, “black don’t crack.” The elderly woman is wearing a sash proclaiming “I’m 100” and even has a birthday tiara on her head too.

Harvey expresses his disbelief in some witty banter. “Girl, you ain’t no 100,” he said. “Sixty-two, you got to be about 62!”

Since Harvey believes God wants him to reach 100, he decides to use this opportunity to get a few tips from someone who has made it to that special age.

He first wants to know what she ate. “At little bit of everything,” she told Harvey. When she told the host that she enjoyed bacon, he promised to send her a delivery of his own brand.

Then he asks the question he really wanted to ask. “Do you cuss?” Apparently, it is Steve Harvey’s dream to reach 100 so he can cuss all the time and not have to worry about anyone else telling him otherwise.

The truthful old woman replies, “Sometimes.” And she can’t stop herself from laughing.

“I’m gonna cuss all the time. I’m gonna cuss,” Harvey jokes with the audience. “I just wanna be old and be cussing. Because I think cussing keeps you young.”

“It does,” Ms. Nelson admits.

“Cussing prevents ulcers, heart attacks. People who cuss don’t have ulcers or heart attacks because we release it,” Harvey says. Do you think he has a point or is he just joking?

After that Harvey jokes with the woman and finds out that she is from Virginia Beach, Virginia. He tells her that his mother wasn’t from far and that she would have been about this woman’s age if she was still around. Then he brings the attention back to the 100-year-old woman.

“Where did you get this little sexy outfit from?” Harvey asks. “What are you doing with all this?”

Harvey then jokes that she is probably wearing a miniskirt. But instead, she admits that she is cold.

When Harvey realizes that she has the t-shirt on his legs because she is cold, he storms offstage and gets her a blanket.

Steve Harvey was especially kind and generous to this elderly woman in his TV audience.

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