VIDEO: When Walmart Abandoned This Store, Local Residents Stepped In And Transformed It Into THIS

Updated May 3, 2016

After Walmart left a large abandoned building vacant, locals in Texas wondered what would be happening with it next. But when the new owners moved in, it stocked more items than the original retail giant could ever hope to sell. And the neighborhood loves them all the more for it!

Texas is the biggest state in the lower 48. But it’s not just Texas’s size that impresses, its people also think BIG.

That’s exactly what city officials in McAllen were doing when they proposed to transform the dilapidated Walmart building into the largest single-floor library in the country.

When first faced with the magnificent task of deciding what to do with the vacant real estate, they considered renting it out to another big box retailer. But then they thought that the space could be used to service the community.

The vision for the warm and welcoming gathering space quickly became a reality.

Now the building houses 116 computer labs. It’s open layout promotes patron’s research and study.

An average Walmart store holds about 300,000 items. This Texas library currently has more than 355,000 books in its collection.

The urban planner did an excellent job of turning the empty shell into a magnificent place for community members to improve themselves and learn.

New member registration jumped 23% in the first month of its operation. There’s even a line of people waiting to get inside the giant library.

Not only can you get books there, it’s also a community center that hosts a local farmer’s market.

You can even satisfy your caffeine addiction or hunger at the library’s in-house café.

Take a tour of the McAllen Public Library in the video included below!

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