VIDEO: While She Was Stacking Cinder Blocks In Her Backyard, I Was Skeptical. But What She Made? WOW

Updated February 5, 2016

Gardens can be frustrating and unorganized if you don’t have the proper equipment, time, or physical space. This new tool is perfect for newbies and pros alike in the attempt to make the perfect garden.

Cinder blocks are the new viral trend surfacing as the end all hack to simple flower, fruit, or vegetable patches.

Not only is this method cheap prices ranging between $0.99-$1.24, but you can create the cinderblocks to fit any pattern or plot of land.

There are also DIY molding kits to create your own sized cinderblocks, a tool for the ambitious. These blocks can also hold fresh soil which is a definite plus to flowering plants.

Fresh soil helps to reduce weeds and makes it very easy to maintain.The holes within the cinderblocks are perfect for growing herbs. You can even leave one without soil to store your tools.

Make sure to bring them inside however, if it looks looks like it’s going to rain so they don’t rust. Some other useful tips are to make sure you follow the plant spacing on the plant tag, as well as filling the soil high due to compacting nature of the soil when water is added.

In the video below made by Burpee Garden Projects a complete how-to is described step-by-step on making a raised bed garden.