Waiter Shares Photo Of Note Customer Left At The Counter, Has The Internet Seething With Anger

Updated September 12, 2017

When a heartbroken woman walked into a coffee shop, she told the man behind the counter, the barista, the tale of her boyfriend’s infidelity. Not only did she just learn that he was married, he had been using her for sex. Wanting to give the woman something for her woes, the barista told her the coffee was on the house. That small act of kindness apparently left her “ugly crying” all the way on her commute to walk. And now the barista’s kind act has gone viral. Why? Because the anonymous woman who was wronged by her lying boyfriend shared a touching thank you note to the barista. And they were happy to share the uplifting message online with the people of Reddit.

User “Goldenboy2191” took a picture of the thank you note and shared it on Reddit for the people of the internet. The woman had arrived at the café looking upset, so he had offered her a coffee on the house.

Two days later, she returned and gave the coffee shop staff a thank you note that talked about how the baristas were “too good for this world.” And then she dropped the bomb about her long-time boyfriend. He was already married and had a baby on the way. He was a scumbag and she only just found out.

The note was handwritten with purple ink and read:

“To the Tues. Sep 5th morning staff.

“You are all too good for this world.

“Imagine finding out that your boyfriend has a massively pregnant wife that you knew nothing about. Imagine getting zero hours of sleep because you know you have to work with him and see his stupid, cheating, lying, stupid freaking face all day.

“You’d probably just want some coffee to get you through that, right?

“Now imagine going to your favorite coffee spot, ordering your favorite drink, having the team listen to your stupid problem tell you that you’re sure as s*** too good for ** like that, make sure that your drink is the best damn white coffee kicker you’re ever had, then tell you it’s free.

“I ugly cried the whole way to work. That was literally the most you could have done for me and I am so grateful for your kindness.

“I’m sorry I busted out in tears when you were nice to me. Please accept this seed paper as an apology and grow love with it.”

The response to the broken-hearted woman’s thank you note was hugely positive on Reddit. Here were some comments posted by people like you:

“Wow, that’s really special. I hope everything turns out alright for her. Whenever you perform an act of kindness, however small, you never know how much it might affect other people. Good on you and your coworkers.”

“Thank you cards and reaching back out after someone changed your day/week/life are the absolute best. They make all parties feel warm and fuzzy inside and are always worth the effort,” wrote another.

Another person shared, “There is kindness and love in this world. It’s too easy for me to forget this. Thank you, coffee shop employees! You have rekindled hope in my heart for humanity. Thank you for reminding me to be extra compassionate and thoughtful.”

What do you think about the note?