Waiter Who Refused To Serve Customers Simply Because They Voted Trump, Pays The Price

Updated May 15, 2017

We are all well aware that the country is going through a major divide and it can be summed up in one title…”Trump Supporters vs. Trump Haters.” It’s no surprise and it has a tendency to come up everywhere. Conversation topics that have absolutely nothing to do with Trump, oftentimes end up in a Trump battle. You can hear it as background noise in almost every public setting these days, from coffee shop chat to talk radio background noise.

And while it’s good to be passionate about your political views, it’s not great to let that passion stand in the way of a job that you are paid and expected to do.

A waitress at the Brick and Barley Bar and Restaurant in Grand Forks, North Dakota took her political views a step far when she flat out refused to serve a group of Trump supporter who came into the restaurant to dine. The first major mistake that the waitress made was bringing up politics, to begin with. Attempting to make small talk she approached the table with Lucas Mondry and his friends were sitting and asked them who they had voted for in the recent election. Without hesitation, the entire table responded with “Donald Trump,” and because she didn’t like their answer she decided that they didn’t deserve to eat and drink in the restaurant where she worked.

Mondry and his pals were floored that the waitress took the matter so far. Later that evening he felt the need to share the incident on social media…

“We were asked who we voted for, and because of our response, we were denied our drinks. I understand people can have their opinions, but I felt this was extremely unprofessional. I respect everyone’s right as a citizen to vote for whomever they choose and I expect the same. Extremely disappointed on how I was treated.”

As to be expected, the post caught traction and soon the owner of Brick and Barley, Sarah Horak, got wind of it, she headed down to the establishment and took matters into her own hands. The closed-minded waitress soon learned a very important lesson, right as she was fired. It’s one thing to voice your opinions and get into a heated political battle in the appropriate settings, but it’s quite another to do it in a place of work where you are getting paid to do a job. Not only did she lose her job, but the restaurant owner will most likely suffer a loss of customers due to the waitress’s inappropriate response.

“It was an employee who went rogue and made her own choices, and unfortunately that has consequences,” said Horak, who admitted that it was one of the shortest firings of her career. Horak made it clear to the waitress that sometimes you just have to grow up, shut your mouth and just do your job or face the consequences. Hopefully, the waitress learned a lesson for life.

Commenters were outraged by the waitress’s behavior and some thought the restaurant owner should’ve taken the punishment even further…

“The owner of the business can keep her from getting unemployment. I would have done just that.”