Waitress Baffled To See $400 Tip, Then Couples Leaves Her In Tears With Even Bigger Surprise

Updated April 21, 2017

Strangers can be so generous but sometimes the kindness in the world gets overlooked and lost amongst all the crime and hate.

One waitress learned just how kind and generous strangers can be. While serving tables at Noi Thai Cusine in Waikiki last week, Cayla Chandara hit it off with a couple who was seated at one of her tables. She had shared with them that she had moved to Hawaii for school but because of the high cost of living, she had to drop out of her classes and work two restaurant jobs to save up some money to pay off her college debt.

After the couple rang up a two hundred dollar bill, they paid their tab and left her a hefty tip. The tip was $400, which was double the bill. As to be expected, Chandara was shocked and very appreciative.

“I just thought it was so generous of them. I never get tipped that big. I had to say thank you,” said Chandara. “During dinner, they told me where they were staying, so I ran there after work to see if they’d still be there.”

The Australian couple, who wants to remain anonymous, was still at the hotel and Chandara had an opportunity to thank them in person and give them a thank-you card and flowers.

The next day, while Chandara was back at work, she was surprised once again by the couple’s generosity. They showed up at the restaurant during her shift and offered to pay off her remaining college debt, which was over $10,000.

Chandara immediately refused the offer.

“I was like, ‘No way, you don’t have to do that for me. I just wanted to say thank you.'”

The couple insisted and they wanted Chandara to thank them by being her best possible self and finishing up school. Chandara knew that in order to do that she would have to go back to school.

“I want to make them proud. I will take this opportunity with an open heart and be a better person every day,” said Chandara. She plans on studying liberal arts and business when she goes back to school at the local community college.

While Chandara can say that she was lucky and stumbled upon the right couple at the right time, there was obviously something that the couple saw that was promising in the girl. For one thing, she made it a point to track them down at their hotel to thank them in person with a card and flowers. Little gestures like that go a long way and the couple probably felt even better about the giant tip that they had left her. Maybe it was Chandara’s trip to the hotel that made the couple realize that the girl was special and that she deserved to go back to school because she was going to do something valuable with her life.

Chandara, who is still in shock, is excited to go back to school and put her qualities to good use. The couple did a good deed and paid forward the fortune that they were blessed with.