Waitress Breaks Down When She Reads Note Couple Left, Then She She’s The Tip They Gave

Updated October 3, 2017

It seems like we are always hearing about servers being tipped generously. Usually, these situations involve a server who is down on their luck when they are befriended by a wealthy customer. One of these examples is when a couple happily tipped their server several thousands of dollars so she could pay for loans to enroll in college classes. Another involved a single mom whose spirits were lifted when a couple gave her a hefty tip to help her out with basic necessities.

Stories like these are always welcomed and they have a tendency to make our days a little brighter, knowing that there really is good in the world.

One of the latest tip stories is actually a bit different, and while it involved a server getting a generous tip, the reasoning why didn’t have much to do with her being down on her luck. Instead, it was an annual tradition put on by a heartbroken sibling.

When Claire Hudson,  a server at Mac’s Grub Shack, received a $36 tip on a $30 bill, she was quite taken aback. And while the money was greatly appreciated by the 25-year-old, it was the reasoning behind it that really brought her to tears.

While working a double shift at the Spring Hill, Tennessee store, Hudson waited on a couple. They happened to come in when the restaurant was really slow.

“It was actually a really slow day and then this couple came in,” said Hudson. “They ordered a couple of beers. They got some hot dogs and I didn’t even notice they had left such a big tip. I would’ve liked to have caught them and said ‘hey this is awesome! They did it anonymously and it was really sweet.”

Hudson wasn’t able to thank them, but she did learn why they decided to leave her a very big tip. Alongside the check, there was a note that read the following…

“Today is my brother’s birthday. He would have been 36 today. Every year I go eat his favorite food: hot dogs, and tip the waitress his age. Happy birthday, Wes.”

“I didn’t know what to say,” said Hudson. “I was literally in tears. It was definitely the best tip I’ve ever gotten. Not because of the money or anything but because of the meaning behind it.”

Hudson wasn’t the only one that was moved by the geture and the meaning behind it. The owners of the restaurant have decided to add a special hot dog to the menu, honoring Wes every day of the year. Since the incident, they have been searching for Wes’ family members so they could find out what exactly he liked on his hotdogs, in hopes of designing a dog after him.

Talk about a moment that is sure to move you to tears. And Wes’ sibling deserves major props for the creativity involved in honoring his memory. The story certainly left good feelings behind, amongst the workers at the restaurant and everyone who it was shared with.

Hopefully, they have luck when finding the family, so Wes can truly be honored every day.