Warning: If You See This Creature On Your Property, Don’t Try To Shoot It.

Updated August 8, 2017

When a Dallas, Texas-area resident saw an armadillo on his property, he took out his gun and fired at the armored mammal. But instant karma did not favor the Dallas man on that day. Instead of the bullet harming the armadillo, the round bounced off the critter’s shell and ricocheted back into the man’s face. The East Texas man was seriously wounded and rushed to the local hospital. Cass County Sheriff Larry Rowe admitted that the man, who has not been identified to protect his reputation, left his home in Marietta at 3a.m. and opened fire on an armadillo that had walked onto his property. It is unclear if he had been drinking excessively or not. The bullets didn’t harm the critter but instead shot back at him wounding his face.

The man who owned property southwest of Texarkana took out his revolver and shot three times at the armadillo. But he wasn’t as good as shot as he had hoped.

“His wife was in the house. He went outside and took his .38 revolver and shot three times at the armadillo,” Rowe said.

While two of the shots have been unaccounted for, at least one of them struck the armadillo’s tough shell and bounced back striking the man’s jaw.

Horribly injured by his own weapon, the man was airlifted to a local hospital. His jaw was wired shut. It is unclear if the man has bought into health insurance or will have to pay the astronomical fee for the helicopter and emergency services.

The animal was not found dead on the property. It is thought to have wandered off unharmed while leaving the man with life-changing injuries

“We didn’t find the armadillo,” the sheriff said.

The story was reported originally back in 2015. Watch the video report below to learn more about the Texas man who will forever be remembered as the man defeated by an armadillo.

This is not the first time someone turned a gun on an armadillo and lost. Back in 2014, a man opened fire on an armadillo that was on his property in Georgia.

The man was 54-year-old Larry McElroy. He fired his 9mm pistol at the hard-shelled mammal on a Sunday night when he should have left his gun rest. But the bullet bounced off the critter’s shell, hit a fence, shot through McElroy’s back door of his mother-in-law’s mobile home where it shot through her recliner and lodged in her back.

McElroy’s 74-year-old mother-in-law, Carol Johnson, suffered painful injuries. Thankfully the Georgia matriarch was able to pull through with non-life-threatening problems. She was able to walk and talk after treatment.

Here are some thoughts about people opening fire on armadillos from the video comments below:

“Such a beautiful, graceful animal.  Karma got that man real good, haha, I’m glad.”

“Good. It’s too bad this savage didn’t lose an eye.”

Meanwhile, Southerners understand why someone would shoot an armadillo.

“You must not live in the South where armadillos tear up your back yard.”

What do you think about these tough-shelled mammals?

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