Warning Sign Outside Local Park Is Sending The Internet Into Hysterics

Updated September 7, 2017

Birds. Some people love them and some people hate them. Those who love them, have a grand old time checking them out through binoculars and watching them build nests in their yards. And those who aren’t so fond of them tend to be the ones who get pelleted by their poop repeatedly. 

Recently, there have been some unhappy Missouri residents and they are all sticking together to protect each other from aggressive swooping owls. After a few Kansas City residents were preyed upon by these aggressive birds, while they were out walking, they decided to look out for their fellow neighbors in the Brookside neighborhood. Evidently, these birds will literally launch toward the heads of those who are walking or running by. And this isn’t the first time that the city has seen these aggressive birds. Apparently, last year there was a bout of birds with bad attitudes passing by on a regular basis.

Since these cases have been reported, the neighborhood has joined together and put signs up, warning their neighbors of the vicious creatures, making sure that passerby use caution from dusk to dawn. It has even been suggested that joggers find new routes in order to protect themselves.

“I used to walk looking down at different things that had fallen, sticks and acorns, so I don’t trip on them when I’m walking my dog,” said Janice Allen, a resident of the area.  “And now I find myself looking up at the trees to see where maybe the owls might be. We have a group email going that alerts us when we have attacks in the area and one of the neighbors recently was attacked when she was running with her dog.”

“They’ve suggested that joggers go elsewhere, change their routes until the owl changes his habits, and I can’t do that,” resident Kate Von Dyke said. “I live here. I have three small children and we can’t just up and move because of the owl.”

Considering owls don’t typically start nesting until December or January, this type of behavior for the nocturnal bird is quite rare. We’ve all heard of birds swooping down to try and swipe a rodent or even a small dog, but it’s pretty rare to hear about one going after an actual human head. Maybe their distance vision is a bit off and they are thinking that the head is actually a rodent on the ground.

“It’s pretty strange happening this time of year,” Larry Rizzo, natural history biologist with the Missouri Department of Conservation said. “However; it might be dive-bombing to protect a fledgling that has yet to leave the nest, or it may have simply nested late after an unsuccessful first attempt.”

Rizzo had another odd suggestion…

“It could be that you’ve got a crazed individual.”

Or maybe it’s the owl version of the film, “Birds.”

Luckily the Kansas City residents are protecting each other and they are warning others who visit about the aggressive little beasts. It’s surprising that no one has captured a film of the birds in mid-attack mode.