Watch: Hillary Clinton Is Furious This Video Has Been Leaked. See It Before It Gets Deleted

Updated October 21, 2016

As you know, Hillary Clinton’s honesty has been suspect for a while. About 57% of Americans polled view her as untrustworthy and now, according to a brand-new Fox News poll conducted just last week, only 2% of Americans believe Clinton told the truth amidst the email scandal.

What do you think about her e-mail scandal? Do you think she was telling the truth? Should she be allowed to run for President of the United States? These are the questions on everyone’s minds.

But although the polls have hit a new low, things are about to get worse for Clinton and the entire Democratic party when this 95-second commercial reaches the masses. She is going to be furious when she realizes that this video has been leaked to the public. It will expose her weaknesses and the truth to the American public.

With irrefutable proof that Clinton lied about sending classified information over her private email server, a whopping majority of 58% think she knowingly lied to America about it.

And now the Washington Times reported that as many as 305 of Clinton’s emails were sent loaded up with classified information.

But now a new ad will finish the destruction she has already caused to the political party and probably put Clinton out of the running for President forever.

The ad called “Failed Leadership” (included below) was created by conservative America Rising PAC and is showing Americans the behind the scenes investigation over the email controversy that Hillary Clinton and her liberal goons don’t want you to see.

The subject of the video is Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State and let’s just say the video does not portray her or her work in a positive light. The video points out many of her weaknesses, failures, and disappointments in her time as Secretary of State. They say history repeats itself. If that is true, we definitely do not want her to win the presidential election.

In the short video, you’ll see Clinton uttering false statements, juxtaposed with media professionals questioning the former Secretary of State’s honesty when the truth gets revealed.

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