WATCH: The Moment She Decided To Release Her 35 Great Dane Dogs Into The Snow At The Same Time…

Updated February 3, 2016

A newly viral clip has just been released that shows 35 Great Danes enjoying a winter walk in the snow.

The owner decided to take her giant Great Dane family out in the snow all at the same time. When you see the adorable clip, you’ll notice the chaos as well as the complete enthrallment of each giant canine.

See the video below!

The large pack of Great Danes, who are all wearing doggie sweaters, seem to completely love the snow.

Skip to the 1:20-mark in the video and watch the large dogs playing in the deep snow. They’re loving the snow so much. Some of the dogs have fallen down an embankment and are struggling to climb up it.

If someone came upon the pack of animals while out in the forest, they’d undoubtedly become scared stiff. Seeing 35 dogs that are bigger than some humans can be extremely scary.

But Great Danes are gentle giants. Some are actually terrified of smaller dogs. And there has even been video footage shared that shows a real-life Scooby Doo.

What’s your impression of Great Danes in the video?

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