Watch What Happens When A Shark Tries To Steal This Crocodile’s Lunch

Updated August 7, 2017

While Australia is one of the most beautiful countries to visit in the world, no one disputes that it is home to some of the most dangerous critters on Earth. From venomous snakes and gargantuan huntsman spiders, Australia can terrify even the bravest souls. Although Aussies promise that they’ll help make you feel comfortable when you get there, the video below might make you second-guess a visit Down Under. But while we are often preoccupied with how Australia’s predators and dangerous critters pose a threat to humans, we easily forget how they also battle each other too. Watch below to see what happens when a tourist throws a fish to a crocodile. An unexpected predator comes out of the water and tries to steal it away.

The video included below was reportedly shot in the Prince Regent River of Australia’s Kimberley region. While most people live in Australia’s eastern section, this incident occurred in Western Australia, which is loaded with dangerous creatures.

Watch the clip to see how a crocodile and a shark fight to the death over some fish scraps that tourist absent-mindedly threw into the water.

The people filming the epic fight threw scraps into the water because they wanted to watch the crocodile eat. When the large reptile approached the fish bits, a shark suddenly emerges from the river water and charges toward the chum.

But the crocodile is not about to let a shark steal its free lunch. It lunges at the shark and with its strong, deadly jaws wide, it attacks the shark.

The shark and the crocodile fight. And although the battle might be short, in the end, the shark descends back under the surface of the water while the crocodile remains triumphantly on top.

Although the end of the video comes abruptly, it seems the crocodile got the food. But we don’t know. The crocodile and shark could have resumed their battle and gotten even more viscous as they struggled against each other to eat the chum.

The crocodile appears to have the advantage of size. And it stands to reason that once the shark realized that the crocodile was willing to fight, it fled the scene to look for easier prey.

While this fight between a shark and a crocodile is genuine, many monster movies have come out depicting a similar epic confrontation. One move that actually exists, according to, is “Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus.” These creatures are known for causing damage and destruction. That movie just took it to the extreme.

Although there wasn’t any bloodshed in the fight depicted in this video, it is not common to see two of nature’s most fearsome predators battling it out. Catching it on camera is one of those once in a lifetime moments people dream of catching.

Watch the footage below to see the shark and crocodile fighting for the bait. Are you shocked to see these two predators going after the same morsel of food?

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