Watch What Happens When This Hiker Came Face to Face With Three Bears (Video)

Updated August 3, 2017

What would you do if you came across a wild animal while hiking? What if there were THREE wild animals?

While out for a hike in July on a trail in Katmai National Park in Alaska, Geoffrey Glassner captured the moment he was walking and a bear and her cubs came toward him.

Rather than freak out, Glassner keeps a good distance between himself and the family of bears while trying to keep his cool.

He even gives a little play-by-play narration for the video, saying, “I’m walking backwards on the trail back to the camp. I’m walking on the trail and mom and two cubs…so I’m continuing to walk backwards.”

Glassner further explains, “The mom and the cubs keep following me and are walking at least as fast as I am.” He continues his backward pace to keep an eye on the three bears, saying, “this is the first walk from camp that I’ve had since getting here…and what I don’t want to do as I’m walking backwards is stumble, so I’ll keep walking backwards.”

He adds: “Come on guys give me a break. The cubs just keep coming.”

The little ones appear to pick up the pace for a second, as Glassner says, “Aw, c’mon.” He then admits he stumbled, adding, “I’m hoping they go off the trail at some point or somebody else comes along from camp.”

While no one else happened upon the trail to scare the bears away, they did finally make it to their destination by the water’s edge.

Glassner snagged a little more footage, sounding much calmer when they were no longer following him, saying, “This is mom and the two cubs now. This is by the campsite and they are at the water’s edge.” The cubs are seen wrestling and playing just like siblings do!

People commenting on the YouTube video were understandably impressed with Glassner’s ability to keep it together, with one noting: “Great composure shown here in the face of death” and another adding, “lucky you. mama looked like ‘just give me ANY reason…'”

Another person pointed out that this could have gone much differently: “I’m glad nothing went bad. That situation was so dangerous. Mama bear could think that you’re a threat, or papa bear could ambush you when you’re busy recording mama and the cubs. Who knows.”

Those commenting on the Daily Mail’s coverage of the video weighed in as well, with one noting: “I love how the cubs are playing with each other by the water. So funny. I would be a little uneasy seeing momma and her cubs. Amazing animals!” and another adding, “They are beautiful but I would have been terrified.”

Another person explained why the bears were so chill: “This is Katmai, a bear viewing area. The bears are very used to humans and just want to get at the salmon. Not much terrifying about this encounter. I’d guess it’s a fairly regular event.”

Yet another person explained that perhaps the man might have seen a sign of the nearby bears, commenting: “I hike in bear country and when I see a pile of fresh bear scat on the trail, I turn around and go back. Why did this man ignore that pile of bear scat on the trail? He is lucky, very lucky.”