We Finally Have Answers After Man Flies Drone Into Glory Hole With Camera Attached [video]

Updated May 15, 2017

When you really stop and think about all the wonders of the world, there is really no reason for anyone to have an excuse to get bored. If you just take a step outdoors, you will see that there are a million different things right in front of you that are miraculous and breathtakingly beautiful.

Thanks to cutting-edge drone technology, one man discovered something that had him in awe and luckily he was able to share his footage with the world, leaving people taken aback by the view.

It was just an average day of drone-flying when one man decided to take his aerial vehicle out for a spin so he could capture some magnificent views over Lake Berryessa in California. The view of the lake and the landscape alone was enough to please his senses for the day, but as the drone started to capture more footage, the man noticed a 72-foot-wide hole in the middle of the lake. Taken aback by the massive spillway, the man flew the drone as close as he could and luckily he was able to get it so close that the drone was hovering directly over it, allowing the man to get an even better view. At the center of the hole, water is seen spiraling down like it is a gigantic water fountain. The water that is effortlessly pouring into the hold is so smooth it almost looks fake.

The video that he so kindly shared, captured the spillway from many different angles. The drone starts out by heading toward the awe-inspiring hole from the sky so you can see it from a top angle. The perfect circle is seen with white water pouring into it and the movement almost makes it appear as if it is a magnetic force. While the spillway is beautiful on its own, the landscape surrounding the water adds to the view as a green and rocky scene carves out the shore surrounding the lake.

As the drone gets closer the beat of the music intensifies and the image starts to look like an optical illusion. In some sense, it looks like a giant eyeball and in another, it looks as if it’s a white light that is pouring into the hole. If you continue to stare at the footage, your eyes will start to play tricks on you and you will soon feel as if you’re falling into a tunnel.

The man who owned the drone and captured the footage was 1000 feet above Lake Berryessa before he descended what has been named “The Glory Hole,” where he almost lost his drone. Evidently, when he lowered the drone to get closer to the hole, it became unstable and almost crashed into the side of the hole. His guess is that the water pouring in at such a rapid pace created a vacuum, causing the drone to almost lose its bearings.

The use of drones has allowed us to have access to so many more wonders of the world that we were never able to see before.