We’ve Seen A lot Of Gross Addictions, But His Easily Tops The List As Worst Of All Time

Updated May 15, 2017

For most of his adult life, Dave Murphy has been an obese man. But in recent years, he has shed a lot of weight. This father-of-two kept being asked what his secret to weight loss was. While you might think he hit the gym or went on a diet, his secret was much more interesting – and free.

Dave Murphy drinks a glass of his own urine every day. This, he attests, is his secret to weight loss.

54-year-old Murphy has spent the last six years drinking his own pee. Not only does he think his yellow drink is responsible for his weight loss, but it has also given him his youthful appearance back. A drink of pee a day has made him in tip-top shape.

Although Murphy claims that drinking urine if the fountain of youth, many people are skeptical.

Murphy weighed 280 pounds before his strange diet. He lost 112 pounds once he started bottling his pee to drink it every day.

He has become such an advocate for “urine therapy” that he believes it could be the solution to the world’s food shortage. Not only that, but Murphy suggests that drinking pee, is not only good for your health but helps you save money on groceries.

On an average day, Murphy survives on one grapefruit and two glasses of his own urine. Besides his pee drinks, he will occasionally indulge in a small portion of fries about three times each week.

In 2012, Murphy spent thirty days drinking only his own pee. He didn’t have anything else during that entire month besides the yellow liquid that he made.

Besides using urine as his main nutritional source, he also washes his face with it and uses it as a moisturizer. Ask Murphy and he’ll tell you how pee is the world’s best anti-aging product.

Although most people think he is crazy, within a decade or so, everyone could be bathing in their own urine. And in twenty years, urine could be as popular as coffee. But those are just speculations.

Hear Murphy’s take on the strange lifestyle.

“After drinking my urine, I feel healthier and fitter than I’ve ever done before and I’ve lost eight stone in weight. Additionally, I don’t need much money to survive anymore. Because of all the wee I drink, I don’t need to eat very much food at all. As humans, we don’t actually have to consume that much. Urine can help us reduce what we need to eat – as it contains everything humans require.

“Most people think your wee is a waste product but it’s not. It’s actually cleaner than water. Wee is a snapshot of exactly what your body needs but happens to have too much of at that particular moment. For example, if you have an infection then your urine will have the antibodies to fight it. It boosts your immune system and has even cured my life-long asthma.

“Urine therapy is not just about drinking it, you can also wash in it and moisturize with it. It’s the ultimate anti-aging skin product – my lines and wrinkles have disappeared since I began using my wee as a moisturizer. You can even use it to alleviate aches and pain and as an eye wash or a footbath.

“Urine is a cure-for-all. If people could just change their mentality and preconceptions about this therapy, then anyone can feel the huge benefits.”

What do you think about drinking urine?

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