We’ve Seen Many Disgusting Acts In Court, But This Mom On Trial For Murder Easily Tops The List

Updated July 11, 2017

After facing the worst accusation that a wife and mother can, a Georgia woman showed little remorse while in court for their murder. She has been charged with the brutal killing of her family but when she got to court this past week, she was caught on camera giving those in attendance a thumbs up, meaning she was feeling good about things. The Gwinnett County judged was forced to tell a jubilant Isabel Martinez to stop “playing to the camera.” She did more than give a thumbs up when she knelt in front of the cameras and was then told to get back on the bench.

Court was in session last week during Martinez’s trial for murder. But to her, it was like her debut appearance on reality television. Unfortunately, the lives of her husband and children had to be taken for her to get all the media attention.

Charged with 5 counts of murder – including her 4 children – Martinez failed to show remorse during the proceeding.

She gave the camera a “thumbs up” just a day after she was named the sole suspect in the fatal stabbing of her husband and four young children.

The Gwinnett County judge charged Martinez. She got hit with five counts of murder, six felony counts of aggravated assault and five counts of malice murder. But with the looming sentence she will face, she showed little remorse for the brutal slaying of her family.

Martinez was not afforded bond. She also declined the count appointed attorney, instead opting for “the people” of Georgia to come to her defense.

She was later reported saying, “We are all God’s people, and God loves us all.”

The children identified in the brutal murder were 10-year-old Isabela Martinez, 7-year-old Dacota Romera, 4-year-old Dillan Martin-Romero and 2-year-old Axel Rombero.

A fifth child – 9-year-old Diana Romero – was stabbed and found alive when police got to the scene. She was rushed to the hospital and is still in critical condition.

The Gwinnett County police were shocked to come to the scene of the quintuple homicide. They had never seen anything like it in their careers – especially because the mother was the apparently guilty party.

“What prompts a person to take the life of such innocent children and her spouse is something we may never understand,” the Gwinnett County police said in a statement. “This is a horrendous crime not only for the victims but for the extended family, neighborhood and community.”

The police also asked the community to keep the surviving daughter in their thoughts. She is in bad shape and needs the public’s positivity to help her pull through.

“We continue to pray for Diana’s recovery both physically and emotionally as she learns about what happened to her,” the statement said.

It is unthinkable to believe that the mother of these children would be capable of killing off the family with a knife. It is unclear what could have provoked such an outburst of rage and insanity. But the Gwinnett county prosecutors hope to get to the bottom of it.

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