We’ve Seen Many Pregnancy Announcement Reaction Videos, But This Toddler’s Easily Takes The Cake

Updated July 6, 2017

You never know how a first born child will react when their parents break the news that another baby is on the way. Learning that they will no longer be the sole center of attention can be a traumatic event for them. While they inevitably get over it, their initial reaction can be shocking and aggravated. But that’s not what happened with Carson. He was the second born. Nevertheless, Carson’s mom respectfully tried to tell the boy that he was to expect another sibling soon. But Carson was not delighted in the least, he looked incredulously at mom and said, “No you don’t!” And that outburst was just the first of a series of reactions caught in the video below.

When mom and dad are ready to shrae the news, they gather the family together and mom says, “Okay guys, we have something to tell you.”

Then dad butts in and drops the news, “Mommy’s got a baby in her belly.”

Carson then starts smacking his mother’s stomach and throwing a temper tantrum.

After Carson made it very clear that he did not want to be a big brother, his parents desperately tried to convince him that the role was a good thing.

“You’re going to be a big brother,” his father says in vain. He’d have another sibling who would look up to him no matter what. Carson could have cared less because he still wanted to be the sole center of attention in his household.

Carson is not convinced.

“I’m going to kick him out,” he responds.

Mom is hurt. She asks why he would “kick” the baby out.

“I don’t want him to stay in the house,” he answers.

Meanwhile, his brother Landon, who is already a big brother, is happy to welcome a new baby into the family. But even Landon’s opinion does nothing to convince Carson of the benefits of being the big brother.

“Not a girl, not even a boy,” the raging boy says.

When Landon expresses his desire to be a big brother, Carson pokes Landon angrily.

In the end, the parents’ coaxing did nothing to educate this entitled boy about the benefits of being an older sibling. In anger, he reaches forward and pokes his brother to hurt Landon. Then he says with regret that he’s ‘happy’ to be a big brother because he knows it’s what he is supposed to say.

Users across the internet shared their reactions. Here were a few gathered from Mail Online:

“Wow this brought a memory back. when son was born, 2nd child, I returned to work and my husband was home doing laundry…the house seemed too quiet….`my daughter 2 had taken son , 6 weeks, and laid him outside on steps in blanket….They now are 26 and 24….and our oops baby 19… They all are very close…. I had all children in 30s. One thing I learned is take a small something for siblings as newborns get so much attention…and pamper mom as shes exhausted. I had a wonderful church family.”

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