We’ve Seen Many Surprise Baby Reveals. But This Grandma To Be’s Reaction Tops The List [video]

Updated May 16, 2017

Creative reveals are all the rage these days. Whether it’s a wedding announcement, gender reveal or pregnancy announcement, people are trying their hardest to surprise their families about these exciting life changes. Gender reveals became big a few years ago and several couples opted to even surprise themselves by having the doctor place the gender in an envelope. The envelope can then be taken into a store that specializes in cakes and parties where the staff will make an announcement depending on the gender of the baby. For example, bakeries were receiving orders that required them to build a cake that was either blue or pink on the inside. While these are still hot ways to announce a gender, folks have been racking their brains to find more creative ways to announce these moments. Another one that was recently done was a golf ball filled with blue or pink, so when the new dad hit the ball, it would explode into the color which would reveal that they were having a boy or a girl. Pretty fun stuff.

When Ashley Embry was 11 weeks pregnant she wanted to surprise her mom with the news and she wanted to get creative about it, but she may have tried a little too hard because her 63-year-old mom, Wendy Hertzog, was quite stumped.

Embry, who is a music publisher and author, decided to create her own cards for a game called Mad Gab. Each card has a string of words that may not make sense when strung together but when they are spoken aloud they end up meaning something.

Hertzog repeats the nonsensible words over and over again…”eye mag own abbey aground mow,” (I’m gonna be a grandmother) and just when she is ready to give up and move on to another card, Embry tells her to say it like she’s Italian. So, she tries that a couple of times and comes severely close to getting the last word correctly but she doesn’t seem to catch on so her daughter moves on to another card that she had prepared. The words say “Hash lean may sonar prague nut” (Ashley and Mason are pregnant). After several tries, she starts to get it but fails again and her daughter has her go back to the first card. When she finally gets it the look on her face is priceless and she lets out several high-pitched howls before getting up from the table and hugging her daughter. The moment is hilarious and adorable at the same time.

Commenters appreciated the moment that was captured between mother and daughter…

“This made me cry, my mom died before my children were born I would’ve loved to have had a big hug like that, I still would and it’s over 45 years ago!”

“I get the feeling that the grandkids are going to be spoiled rotten….what a fantastic reaction.”

And some thought that the mom may have had a couple before trying to solve the puzzle…

“All the half empty bottles of booze on the cabinet in the background might explain things! lol”