We’ve Seen Some Embarrassing Security Footage, But Granny Might Take The Cake [watch]

Updated March 20, 2017

Have you ever forgotten something on the train or bus? Even just the thought of it can make your stomach drop. When that thing is left behind, the chances of being reunited with it are close to zero. And that’s how one grandmother must have felt when she enthusiastically starts running down the escalator going in the opposite direction.

The older woman was caught on CCTV footage scampering down China’s Nanning City’s moving underground train walkway as it continued to rise toward the top of the station.

But as you will see in the funny video clip, this retiree refuses to give up – until she realizes that she just doesn’t have any more energy to spare on the futile mission. Check it out!

When the video clip begins, you see walkers effortlessly strolling down the stationary stairs to the right. But then the quick movement of feet appears on the left side of the screen. And the grandmother appears as she scampers down the escalator moving in the opposite direction.

While this is something many people have dreamed about doing, she is on a mission. Because she forgot her bag on the train and realized it was missing only after getting halfway up the escalator, she had to race to the bottom and reunite with it before the train door closed on her possession forever.

The grandmother did much better on the backward escalator than a lot of other people we’ve shared before – like this Londoner who decided it was too much work and wanted to slide down the slick divider instead.

But when the grandmother gets to the bottom, the fast-moving stairs become too difficult to navigate. Then the doors to the train shut and she gives up.

Fortunately, another passenger gave the lost bag to the subway employee who helped reunite it with this grandmother.

The hilarious CCTV footage came from the Xizhan station after the incident that happened on March 13.

After her attempt to beat the machine failed, the grandma caught her breath as she rode the escalator up to the correct direction. From there, she approached a station staffer and reported her bag missing.

And miraculously, her lost backpack was tracked down at the next station stop! There, an employee held it until the retiree was able to pick it up.

A reporter at the lost and found station asked the grandmother about the escalator race. By then, the entire train staff was talking all about it.

She said, “When I got off the train at the Xizhan station, I realized I had forgotten my bag. I realized it as soon as I stepped on the escalator, but by then it was too late.”

Thankfully this grandmother was reunited with her backpack, which included clothing.

The video went viral when the clip was shared to Twitter on the People’s Daily, China account with the caption: “Grandma vs. escalator: A video clip shows a grandma trying to race the wrong way down an escalator to fetch her bag left on a subway train.”

Dozens retweeted it and it was like by more than 120 people.

Have you ever tried to navigate an escalator that was going in the opposite direction?

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