What Starts Out As A Prank, Quickly Turns Into International Panic. Cops Now Want Answers

Updated December 27, 2016

There is a story going around the internet that claims that some guy packed himself in a suitcase and got flown across Australia without buying an airline ticket. He even has a video that shows him being shoved into luggage by his buddies, and then it cuts to him unzipping it from the inside and popping out on a baggage carousel.

Except that it doesn’t show that at all. The airline that this guy claims let this happen has refuted everything he says, effectively shutting down his fake news, point by point. You have to see the video and then read the airline’s response.

An American man named Adam Saleh posted a funny video on YouTube that shows him being shoved into a suitcase like a bad suit. He claims that he then got loaded onto a Tiger Airlines flight from Melbourne to Sydney. He says he made the whole flight in the plane’s cargo hold, and then was deposited onto the baggage claim carousel at the airport, before hopping out of the suitcase.

He claims he did it without any food or water, and without ever being detected by security personnel.

At the end of his video clip, he says “I made it from Melbourne all the way to Sydney, I’m just happy to be alive.”

Of course, as soon as the fine folks at the airline became aware of the video, red flags and giant holes started popping up all over Saleh’s video.

To start with, Tiger Airlines reviewed the security footage of the flight, and say he is clearly visible boarding the plane with the rest of the passengers. But that evidence alone, as irrefutable as it may be, does not help put down Saleh’s basic premise about the airline’s security protocols. So they went further.

The airline released a statement enumerating all the ways that Saleh’s story is horse hockey, saying:

“Firstly, you wouldn’t have been accepted by our automated bag drop machines at 66kg as a friendly staff member would have stepped in to assist.

Secondly, some aircraft have heated baggage holds but the aircraft you were on does not and it gets pretty cold at 36,000 feet so by the time you arrived in Sydney you would have been a popsicle.

Thirdly, we have footage of you boarding the aircraft using your legs.”

The airline is taking Saleh’s video very seriously, because they do not want other, ill-informed people to attempt passage by this means. In a public statement concerning the video the company said:

“The safety and well being of our staff and customers is always our number one priority and was not compromised at any time. The airline industry in Australia is highly regulated and has amongst the strictest standards in the world. Tigerair Australia has a zero tolerance for inappropriate behaviour and has investigated this matter as a priority.”

The Melbourne Airport has looked into the stupid video themselves and have sided with Tiger Airlines on the matter, warning people “not to replicate the ‘professional idiot’s’ stunt.”

They issued a brief statement as well saying:

“This production is a publicity stunt that makes fraudulent claims and depicts events that are untrue. Security screening is a highly regulated facet of Australian airport operations, and multi-layered systems are designed to protect human safety and prevent attempts such as this from being successful. We strongly urge every single person, be they a traveller or otherwise, to respect and abide by the safety and security procedures at Melbourne Airport, and every other airport around the world, in the interest of their own safety and that of other travelers.”

We have been hearing a lot about “fake news” lately. Do stories like this make your radar or are you automatically skeptical when you hear such nonsense? Share your thoughts with us here.