What’s Supposed To Be An Easy Elementary Level Question Is Stumping Most Adults. What’s Your Guess?

Updated September 8, 2016

Fruits are often a source of relaxation. You grab an apple and chew as you sit down and think. There really is no better ‘food for thought’ than a fruit. It’s healthy, gives you a natural sugar boost, and is full of nutrients.

But when you take a look at the apples, bananas, and coconuts in this brain teaser puzzle, they’ll have the opposite effect. Because only 8 percent of adults can solve the problem below with the information given, these three fruits are pretty big source of stress for the remaining 92 percent out there.

If this game reminds you of a Vegas slot machine, don’t fret. The odds of getting this right are a lot better than winning the jackpot in Vegas – especially when the casino takes away your winnings…

Scroll down to attempt this challenging, mind-bending puzzle today!

While the payout of this fruity brain puzzle mind not be in dollars, you’ll rest easy knowing that you “got” the solution. It’s a satisfaction that you can’t put a dollar amount on.

The brain teaser was featured on the YouTube video below and has been driving people insane. While it might seem like simple mathematics, it actually has a few tricks that have been throwing 92 percent of all adults for a loop. Make sure you tackle this problem carefully or else you’ll fall into the common trap that makes the majority of people get it wrong.

“This brain teaser is just a simple system of equations that uses fruit and we need to find the value of each fruit and add them all together,” the video narrator says in the clip below.

According to the video description: “Try to solve the easiest brain teaser driving the internet insane. It is not as easy as it looks. You must find the value of each fruit by solving the equations.”

Don’t play the video all the way through unless you want to get the answer. For those of you eager to get the solution on your own, pause the video and break out your math skills. Take your time and don’t fall for the hidden trick that’s tripping everyone else up.

But if you’re ready to get the answer to this fruit brain teaser, fast forward the video to the 33-second mark.

First, he solves the first line. Since there are three apples adding up to thirty, each apple is 10.

In the second equation, since we know the apple is worth 10, plug that in. Then we can find the values of the bananas. The bunch of bananas must equal 4.

In the third equation, plug in the 4 for the banana bunch and then you solve for the coconuts. Clearly the only answer that makes sense is 2.

But here comes the tricky part.

In the final equation, you need to be observant. Notice how there is only half of a coconut and a banana bunch with only three bananas? This affects their numerical value.

Since we have only one part of a coconut, we only have a value of 1 since it is half as large.

The bananas in the last line are also a trick. The last equation has only three bananas. That means the final bananas only have a value of three.

The final result is 14.

Watch the video below for the solution!

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