When A Little Girl Asked An Officer To Come To Her House, He Never Expected This

Updated August 7, 2017

Little kids often look to police officers and firefighters as heroes and role models. And why shouldn’t they? These brave men and women put their lives on the line to protect and serve their community. Often children are not afraid to go up to a uniformed public servant and share their admiration with them. But when 4-year-old Sidney Fahrenbruch approached local police officer David Bonday, she didn’t just want to tell him how much she looked up to him. Although she invited him over to the family house, which she and her family had just moved to, she had a very important reason for doing it. And when Officer Bonday arrived, he quickly realized that this wasn’t just a house call with a free meal. He was very much still on the job.

When Officer Bonday first arrived, he was greeted by the adorable 4-year-old girl at the front door. Her parents were home, but she took the lead, showing the officer around and giving him a tour of the house they had just moved into.

She even had on her own little police officer outfit. Officer Bonday was smitten with her.

“She was wearing a little police outfit. She’s kind of attached to me,” he said.

During the tour of the house, she asked him to help her inspect the property.

Then she turned to the officer and in a hushed voice told him the secret she had been hiding from her parents since they moved to the house.

Little Fahrenbruch worried that the place was infested with monsters. And she needed a police officer like Officer Bonday to help put her fears to rest.

Officer Bonday took her worries serious. The 4-year-old knew that potential monsters under the bed needed to be dealt with. And she called in the emergency when she invited the cop over for a meal.

“I think it was her wanting to spend time with a police officer,” her mom told InsideEdition.com.

With Officer Bonday on duty to check for monsters in the Longmont, Colorado home, he helped little Fahrenbruch put her fears to rest. They didn’t find any monsters. Hopefully the little girl will be able to rest better at night and feel safe in her new community because of the good cop.

Inside Edition ran a report and obtained video footage of the home inspection. Here are some thoughts shared by viewers like you:

“What do you mean they didn’t find monsters? Cookie monster was right there.”

“Imagine a 6 foot demon came out of the closet and the call was actually useful,” wrote a viewer with a much-too-big imagination.

“That kid should be hauled away in handcuffs. Intentional misuse of an emergency number is a serious crime,” joked one viewer.

“Don’t ever tell your kids its ok to call the police for something this ridiculous,” wrote an offended viewer.

What do you think about this adorable interaction between the cop and the little girl? Should the cops have supported her like this?

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