When He Hits Record On HIs Dashcam He Never Imagined He’d Capture Rare Footage [video]

Updated May 24, 2017

Lightning storms can make for a beautiful landscape when you’re talking about open countryside filled with sparkling clouds. But when you’re driving in a crowded city and a bolt strikes the street next to you, it’s completely terrifying. That’s exactly what happens in this viral video of lightning strike in an urban traffic jam. You won’t believe your eyes when you see what this dashcam caught on video.

In this shocking dashcam video, we see a regular day of city driving. Cars lined up in congested lines, moving with the ebb and flow of traffic. When all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a flash of lightning fills the screen. The city street is lit up like the fourth of July. After the apocalyptic shock fades away, we see sparks raining down from trees and power lines lit ablaze with fire. Can you imagine what it would be like to see a sight like this while driving to work or school? What could cause such a disturbing scene?

What started as a simple lightning storm took a turn for the terrifying when a bolt of lightning struck the ground and caught the city street on fire. How did this happen?

Lightning is an electric current created when the ground is hot and warm air rises up toward the sky. As the air rises, water vapor cools and forms a cloud. The cloud gets bigger and bigger as air continues to rise. In the tops of the clouds, the temperature is below freezing so that water vapor that has been rising from the ground turns into ice. What you now have is a thundercloud.

Inside that thundercloud, small bits of ice bump into each other as they move around. The collisions create a buildup of electrical charge until, eventually, the whole cloud is filled up with electrical charges. Lighter, positively charged particles form at the top of the cloud, and heavier, negatively charged particles sink to the bottom of the cloud.

When the positive and negative charges grow large enough, a giant spark occurs between the two charges and that is what we call lightning. Most lightning happens within the confines of a cloud, but sometimes it happens between the cloud and the ground, and that’s when we get a lightning strike.

When there is a buildup of positive charges on the ground beneath the cloud, it attracts the negative charges in the bottom of the cloud. The ground’s positive charge concentrates around anything that projects up toward the sky, such as trees, lightning conductors, etc. The positive charge from the ground connects with the negative charge from the clouds and a spark of lightning strikes.

Have you ever seen lightning strike in front of your eyes? Was it exhilarating or scary? Where were you and what did the lightning strike? What did that thing looks like after it had been struck by lightning? Tell us your story, and share your thoughts and opinions about the video you just watched here in the comments section below.