When He Pours The Vinegar Down The Drain, I Couldn’t Believe What Happened To His Kitchen Sink

Updated November 4, 2016

As you know, cleaning up your home can sometimes be such a boring chore. And it only gets worse when you have to struggle to get rid of those stains, clogs, and sticky spots. And the longer you wait to do it, the harder the get to remove.

But in this 3-minute video clip from Household Hacker, you’ll learn 10 DIY cleaning tricks that will help you get the most out of your bottle of vinegar.

In a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to defeat ugly stains and dirty spots. Just learn these simple tricks. Then go to the store and pick up some extra vinegar. Now let’s get cleaning!

Clogged drain? Don’t have Drano or don’t want to spend all the money on expensive drain clearing solutions that harm the environment? Simply pour about half a cup of baking soda down your drain followed by a cup of vinegar. When the foaming stops, rinse with hot water. Your drain will be good to go!

If you a sticker or tape left some residue on your wall, the trick to get it off is vinegar. Spray it with white vinegar. Let is saturate for a few seconds. Then quickly wipe away the goo.

Does your trash can smell even though it’s empty? This vinegar hack might change your life. Take a slice of bread and soak it in white vinegar. Place it on a paper towel and drop to to the bottom of your trash can and let it rest overnight. In the morning, it should be smelling fresh.

Make your own all-purpose cleaner. Grab a spray bottle and fill it a third of the way with vinegar. Fill the rest with water and then add a few drops of dish soap – and you’re ready to clean with this safe and natural solution.

Are the fruit flies annoying you too? Take a small cup and fill it with apple cider vinegar. Cover it with plastic wrap and poke a few holes. Your trap is set. Now just wait for them all to get stuck. Flies enter and can never leave.

Want to remove wrinkles from your clothes in a pinch? Take 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water and put it in a spray bottle. Mist the clothing and let it hang for a few minutes. Gravity does the work and your wrinkles will be gone.

Many people are chimed in on YouTube to say how great these hacks have been for them:

“I’m using the organic vinegar is darker color and less is more and less stronger smell than the cheaper ones and use drops of essential oils so the house will not smell like vinegar hell!!”

“OMG thank you my kitchen sink was clogged I tried the vinegar and baking soda hack and it worked”

Keep watching the short video to learn how to stop your cat from scratching up your couch. You’ll also learn how to use vinegar to make your flowers last longer in a vase. Watch to the end to see how to use vinegar to remove hard-to-clean stains from your pots and pans.

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