When He Took This Broken Chair From The Trash, I Was Clueless. What He Transforms It Into? WOW

Updated March 7, 2016

Every old chair must eventually be replaced. Inevitably that time comes when the chair just can’t do it’s just as well as it used to. But when it comes to retiring your old chairs, you have a couple different options.

Today, we’re going to show you how to re-purpose an old chair and create something every bathroom needs!

When you hang chairs from the wall, they are actually very useful. No not for sitting. But for storing and hanging things on.

Don’t believe me? Take a scroll through these ideas and get your creative juices flowing!

-Turn a chair into an upside down shelf. Just nail the chair to the wall and add extra wood for shelving.


-The chair back basket shelf requires only the back of the chair. Nail that to the wall and attach a metal basket.


-Hang the back of a chair above your toilet to hang a towel and store your air freshener.


-A nice green, vintage chair back makes a decorative shelf for some shabby-chic home décor.


-Even a distressed-wooden chair can be used again. The look can actually be perfect for creative, rustic feel you want in your house.


-If you hang a chair sideways from the wall, you can actually use it as a flower pot stand. Why not chop a chair in half down the middle? Now you’ve got two shelves!



Which of these DIY chair designs are YOU in love with?

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