When I Got In His Car, I Thought It Was Odd It Was Littered With Tea Bags. But His Reason Why? WHOA

Updated February 23, 2016

Do you love having a cup of tea? What about going to the café, grabbing a cup of tea, a scone, and just relaxing as busy people go about their day?

There seems to be a reason “tea time” is practiced religiously across the world. Humans just seem to be made to enjoy it on a daily basis.

Whether your favorite is a cup of green tea, chamomile to help you relax, or some peppermint tea to naturally perk you up, The One Pot Chef has a tip to help you use tea bags in a whole new way! Check this out…

If you thought the goodness of tea was only activated in hot water, you’re wrong!

As we’re here to tell you, you can actually use a dry tea bag to deodorize your car and act as a natural air freshener.

The dry tea bag will eliminate odors in your car and absorb moisture – just like the ones you pay money for in the store.

The bottom line? These DIY tea bag deodorizers last for months.

Some great air freshener scents could be:

  • lemon
  • vanilla chamomile
  • peachy green
  • cinnamon

What scent do you want to try in your car?

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