When No One Would Protect This 5-Year-Old From His Bullies, These Football Players Step In

Updated August 23, 2016

As a high school football star at Hobbs High School in New Mexico, Chris Kuykendall is one of the most popular boys in school. But just because he is at the top of the food chain now, doesn’t mean he was always the king of popularity. He knows a thing or two about being bullied…

When Chris was a young kid, he often took the brunt of bullying. His peers and older kids targeted him because they found him to be an easy victim. Bullies like easy victims. They’re less likely to fight back.

But now that Chris is older and bigger, he has decided to use his popular status as a football star to help other children deal with bullying just like he had to. That’s why when Chris heard that a five-year-old boy was getting picked on in school, he immediately showed up to teach the bully a life lesson…

As he heard what the young kindergartener went through, Chris had flashbacks to what he endured as a younger kid. It was horrible and he didn’t want someone else to have to go through that alone. So this time, he took action and decided to help.

The boy that Chris helped was bullied so much, he threw up every morning because he was so anxious and terrified.

Every morning before school, like a ritual, the 5-year-old was throw up in the bathroom. He was so nervous that he would be bullied that day, his stomach couldn’t handle it. The little boy’s anxiety was torturing him.

Chris says, “It just hit home. I remembered how I felt when I was getting bullied. It just fired me up. I wanted to change that right then and there. I didn’t want him to go another day, wake up another day, feeling like he didn’t need to go to school.”

Because he was now a popular football player, Chris invited the 5-year-old out to lunch with him at his school.

When the bullies saw the child hanging out with the big, football player, they got worried. Would he hurt them too? Just because Chris was with the little boy, the bullies stopped harassing him. Chris has helped one boy beat his bullies at their own game.

But not only that, Chris’s friendship actually helped the 5-year-old earn more respect with his peers. He was even able to look his former bullies in the face and make it through his day without terrible bouts of anxiety.

Chris’s kindness did not go unnoticed. His friend, and fellow team member, Brevin, wanted to join Chris and help tackle bullying.

As a team, they started Eagle Buddies, an organization that pairs athletes like Chris and Brevin with younger children who are victims of bullying.

As you can see in the video report below, Chris and his organization are really making a positive difference in young children’s lives. It just goes to show you that a little attention and care can really help someone overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles…

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