When She Showed Me What Her Pan Looks Like After Trick, I Would Swear It Was Brand New

Updated February 23, 2017

Even if you scrub and scrub your pots and pans, they’ll probably still looked black and brown on the bottom. This comes from a combination of things. Sometimes it can be a buildup of grease and grim. But mostly it happens because the metal is being put on top of a fire or intense heat.

If the dirty bottoms of your pans don’t bother you (and maybe they don’t because they’re not in the line of sight all the time), you can ignore this useful trick. But if you’re eager to have a sparkling clean kitchen, this life hack from the popular YouTube channel Clean My Space will help transform your space into the sparkling version of perfection you’re dying for.

Check out this video below now to learn exactly how to clean the bottom of your pots and pans!

When host first introduced her baking soda and dish liquid trick, it makes it look like she “never, ever burn food in them.”

But the underside of the pan is a whole different story.

“The bottoms of my pans are covered in scorch marks because clearly I’m a good cook,” she jokes.

The video here goes through four different methods to clean the bottoms of the pans.

-Bar Keepers Friend
-Cream of Tartar
-Baking Soda

Which works best? Keep reading to find out and watch the video now!

Two of the pans she is cleaning are stainless steel while the other two are cast iron.

First, she quirts ketchup onto the surface to see if the acids in the condiment break down the scorch stain.

Next she sprinkles Bar Keepers Friend on the marks. This has been around since the 1800s.

Cream of Tartar works great on removing these stains from plates. But will it work on the pots and pans? She aims to find out.

Baking soda is the final item to try.

Then she sits back and allows the cleaners to do their thing. After a while, she cleans them off with a sponge.

The ketchup fails. It would take a long time to remove the marks with this terrible method.

Bar Keepers Friend did impressive. It removed everything including the stuff ketchup left behind.

Cream of Tartar was boring and average. Certainly, not as good as the Bar Keepers Friend. It shined the pans but left the marks.

Baking soda does a great job on both types of pans.

But the clear winner is the Bar Keepers Friend.

What do some of the 1.4 million viewers have to say? They shared these popular comments:

“I have cleaned scorched pans by soaking them in a little bleach and hot water. Just let it sit for a while until all the scorch marks have disappeared. The down side is, of course, the toxicity and environmental impact of using bleach,” Leslie Nikulka wrote.

“Thanks for the great and useful info! I think I will try the baking soda as it is so great for cleaning and helping around the house!”

Will you try this?

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