When The Barber Started Lighting My Hair On Fire, I Knew This Was Going To Be A Different Haircut.

Updated August 3, 2017

In Milan, Italy, you can get a truly unique haircut. But it’s not the result or how the cut looks after its done that makes it unique, it is the method the barber uses to cut the hair in the first place. Franco Bompieri is an elderly gentleman who owns the Antica Barbieria Colla, which is the last traditional barber shops in Milan. He doesn’t use scissors to cut his clients’ hair. Instead, he uses candles. Although you’d think the barbershop would smell of burning hair, clients keep coming back for one special reason. The unique hair-cutting method makes clients’ hair look fuller than what can be achieved with scissors. And Franco says it also has one other amazing benefit – cutting hair with fire also prevents it from falling out.

Although Franco is an older man who admits that he is from a different generation than the barbers opening up shops in Milan today, he stands by his unique way of cutting hair. It may be more difficult and require a precise hand, but Franco’s method is different than every other barbershop in the city. And that makes it very hard to get an appointment with the great Franco Bompieri.

If you ask Franco, he’ll passionately tell you that the way he cuts hair is way better than the new way practiced today. And his clients will agree with him.

Franco’s barbering methods have been documented on the YouTube channel Great Big Story. Below you’ll get to see Franco work and prove to the world how great his way of giving a haircut is.

Views have climbed into the hundreds of thousands since this clip was published last month. And hundreds of people like you have shared comments. The following are some of the most popular ones:

“It’s sad that some people now are days have more fingers shoved up their *sses… Respect your elders.”

“I was expecting something clever or interesting. Instead, old world superstition.”

“That’s complete bull… fire does not make your hair stronger if anything the heat damages it.”

“Why is everyone being a prude about him using fire. Yeah none of what he said was true but it was cool as hell.”

“fascinating, although hair is dead, it doesn’t know when it’s burned, the part about fire helping to retain hair is pure hocus pocus.”

“I typically choose to use the element of water on my hair lol”

“this technique is used all over the world in old world locales.”

“cutting hair with fire? isn’t that just burning it?”

“This makes me want to build a tunnel to Italy just to get my hair done by this bad*ss man.”

“His shop must smell so bad.”

“While this is really cool, it doesn’t change the fact that your hair grows and falls out on a cycle.”

Would you ever try a haircut from Franco Bompieri? Or is getting your hair cut with candles too strange for you to try?

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