While Elk Hunting, He Heard His Daughter Fire Shots. But When He Saw What She Had Killed? PURE SHOCK

Updated February 25, 2016

Overnight this 12-year-old girl from Odessa, Texas became a hunting star when she shared the photo after shooting and killing a mountain lion from just FIVE YARDS away!

Accompanied by her father, Joshua Caldwell, Alyssa went to New Mexico on a hunting trip. That’s where the preteen’s dad thought his girl would have the best chances of taking down an elk.

But when dad left his daughter behind for a few minutes, he heard a shot go off. He ran back and realized she had shot and killed something much more dangerous and impressive than an elk…

“I asked if she had shot a bull?” Joshua said. “She told me she had shot a cat. He was only about five yards away from her. She thought quick. When I saw how close he was, I got emotional.”

Alyssa claims that he didn’t hear the predator approaching. But she only realized she was about to become lunch when she turned around and saw the mountain lion staring face-to-face with her.

“I didn’t know exactly what it was but I knew it wasn’t a bobcat,” Alyssa said. “I raised my gun when he crouched down.”

Alyssa shot and killed the mountain lion instantly with one well-placed shot to the head.

“I knew it was stalking me,” she said. “I had a feeling right before that something was watching me. After I shot, I kept the gun on it the whole time. Dad ran back and he thought I had shot an elk. I told him I had shot a cat and he got real emotional.”

Unfortunately, the 12-year-old couldn’t keep the cat because it was confiscated by game wardens since the animal was considered a varmint.

But less than 48-hours later, the 12-year-old shot and killed a 6×4 elk from 375 yards.

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