While Hunting Turkeys, A Family Stumbled Upon THIS And Now They’re Going To Be Famous…

Updated May 2, 2016

One man literally stumbled onto a record-breaking find. While hunting for wild turkey, Charlie Ware from Old Mines, Missouri almost tripped over a foot-tall morel mushroom on April 24.

“I was just walking along and stepped over this mound of dirt,” Ware recalled, as reported by Springfield News-Leader. “And it was pretty much at my feet. I thought, ‘No freaking way,’ I was totally amazed.”

After discovering the gargantuan fungus, Ware stopped hunting turkeys and started searching for morel mushrooms.

Ware found nine more morel mushrooms that day but none matched the impressiveness of the first one.

“I called my father-in-law because he always talks about how back in the day they would find giant morels everywhere,” Ware said. “He said he’s never seen anything like that.”

After taking the mushroom home, the Missouri Department of Conservation visited Ware’s home to measure the fungus. According to the Missouri Morel Hunting Facebook page, the specimen is 12 inches tall with a 4.5-inch diameter and a 13-inch circumference – that’s bigger than a 2-liter plastic bottle.

“That is massive in morel standards,” said Ron Cook, an administrator for the Missouri Morel Hunting Facebook page.

Because the Missouri Department of Conservation has failed to keep record of the size of morel mushrooms, it’s unclear whether Ware has found the biggest one ever.

Now countless residents in Missouri are calling for the department to use this as the first entry for the largest morel mushroom.

“Yes to keeping a morel record book […],” wrote Colton Zirkle. “It would be another way to get people outdoors and interested in the world around them!”

Charlie’s wife, Sarah Ware, posted a picture of her husband’s giant mushroom on Facebook next to a plastic gallon of milk to compare sizes.

“That is AWESOME!!!” wrote Lisa Parkhill Tenk on the 417 News Facebook page. “That’s a once in a lifetime find.”

The Ware’s plan to eat the mushroom on his 11-year-old son’s 12th birthday coming up.

“Everyone’s too busy deciding if it’s real or fake and I’m jus chillin here thinking about how delicious that baby would be after you fry it!,” wrote Donny Lauritsen.


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