While Obama Boasts About Booming Economy, Many Iconic Retailers Are Announcing Shutting Of Doors

Updated August 17, 2016

Although the Democrats and politicians in power don’t want you to know about it, the economy is still struggling to thrive. Although unemployment is at its lowest point in years, and millions of jobs have been created, people and companies are still struggling to make ends meet.

Are you one of the people who still craves more from life? Who dreams of a better future? Then you’re going to want to know the truth about what is happening in the American economy.

Last week Macy’s announced that is has plans to close 15 percent of their stores across the country. Why? The store claims that it is because of their higher volume of online sales. But if you check out the income sheet for the big-box-retailer, you’ll discover that their quarterly earnings have dropped more than 94 percent compared to this same quarter last year.

Though Macy’s still earns 26.38 billion in revenue and their gross profit is 10.58 billion, revenue has been dropping compared to past years.

But there are even more signs of a failing economy. This past Thursday, the large restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday accounted that they will be closing more than 13 percent of their restaurants across the country. That means 95 out of its 724 restaurants will NEVER open their doors to customers again.

And when does Ruby Tuesday plan on putting this into effect? By September! That’s just a few weeks away.

According to NJ.com, “Ruby Tuesday has about two dozen restaurants in New Jersey. The Tennessee-based company hasn’t said which of its 646 corporate owned locations are going out of business.

“Its total revenue dropped 5.9 percent or $17.5 million in the quarter ending May 31 compared to the same period last year and same-restaurant sales declined 3.7 percent. The number of guests in restaurants dipped 4.6 percent as the average bill rose by 0.9 percent,” NJ.com reported.

Although the restaurant will be closing a lot of locations, the food-service giant said they will try to offer full- and part-time employees at these closing restaurants new jobs at nearby locations whenever possible. But obviously that is only for show. How can they plan to employ an entire restaurant of workers at another restaurant with a full staff?

Just like that thousands of people have lost their jobs at Ruby Tuesday and Macy’s.

While it is a fact of economics that business fail, but when some of America’s largest companies like Macy’s, Ruby Tuesday, Sears, and Sports Authority are all struggling at the same time, doesn’t that mean there is probably a bigger, hidden cause at work? Now we can’t prove it is Obama, but it does seem like an interesting coincidence that these major failings are happening during the end of his watch.

Here’s what some people are writing about this story on Chicksontheright.com.

  • “I used to deal with Ruby Tuesdays when I drove a truck in food service back in the `90s. Their kitchens were dirty as hell. That was one place I never got nor wanted free food.”
  • “Our unemployment numbers will be down next month the way Obama calculates his numbers.”
  • “Theyre closing because their clientele is all dying off. No one under the age of 80 eats there anymore.”
  • “Maybe its because they SUCK? I’ve eaten there a time or 2. I wouldn’t go back. Kind of like TGI Friday’s. Both places the food is bland, like they don’t know how to season anything.”
  • “The quality of food and service and the value of their meal has dropped considerably over the last ten years. Also, getting sick on the salad bar the last two times didn’t make it hard to stop going there.”

What is your opinion? Is it Obama’s fault or are these just bad businesses?

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