While Running In The Woods, He Feels Sharp Pain In Foot. Spots Cause And Calls 911 ASAP

Updated March 20, 2017

Nothing is as good for your body, mind, and soul as a day out in nature. Research even shows that walking around barefoot against the earth for as little as ten minutes every day will improve the quality of your sleep.

Many people love running outside. For these avid runners, the exercise is not so much a grueling tour-of-force, but a moving meditation. While it can be a challenge to train your body to the point where running is relaxing, when you get there it was well worth the journey.

But one runner in Asheville, North Carolina might never run again after what he experienced out on the running trails…

Known for its beautiful mountains and picturesque scenery, Asheville has become a destination for people across the state. And among the many parks, locals can choose to spend time outdoors is the gorgeous 1,100-acre Pinnacle Park.

Loaded with miles of natural trails, Pinnacle Park attracts thousands of joggers and runners every year. But after you hear the fiendish prank people decided to pull, you might think twice about Asheville’s parks.

One man was out on a run when he tripped over something strange. It was sharp and injured his foot. Because he was not usually hurt like this on a run through nature, he stopped to examine the cause. Then he found a long carpenter’s nail jutting out of the ground – like someone had purposely planted it to harm runners.

A second runner noticed the same thing. Except for this athlete, the nail stabbed through his shoe and just barely missed his foot. That’s when park security took it as a real threat.

Officers closed Pinnacle Park immediately. Now police and volunteers are scavenging every inch of the trail to find the devilish spikes sticking out of the ground.

Bryan Barwatt, an engineer with the Department of Transportation and race director for the Black Rock trail run held every year in Pinnacle Park, said: “We’re literally blowing every leaf off the trail, and following behind with metal detectors. It was a deliberate effort. Someone hammered 4-inch long galvanized nails and left them sticking out a half- to 1 inch, and at an angle so they’re like spikes.”

So far 40 nails were found jutting out of the trails and lodged into trees, roots, and logs.

“It’s hard to believe someone would do this and put a lot of effort into doing this. … We want to assure people we’re taking this very seriously and taking care of it swiftly.”

Because the park is more than 1,000 acres, the survey took a long time. But now police are confident that they found all the nail and Pinnacle Park is safe. But will the nail prankster strike in Asheville again? Many locals are worried.

Police are desperate to catch the culprit and are offering $1,000 for any leads that result in the arrest of the prankster.

Watch the video below and you’ll see just how dangerous these nails were. You can’t even see them if you’re not looking for them.

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