While Visiting His Dad’s Grave, 2-Year-Old Spots Box With His Name On It [video]

Updated May 18, 2017

At just twenty-three years old, Cody Wells of Alabama accidentally drove off the road in the middle of the night and was killed. He left behind a fiance and their infant son.

After the funeral, his fiance, Danielle, would take their son to visit his grave every afternoon. You are going to be amazed at what they found one day when you watch this touching video clip, Thanks to Inside Edition.

Danielle and her two-year-old son, Braxton, would visit Cody’s grave every afternoon. After eight months, on Christmas Day, they were surprised to find a wrapped package on Cody’s headstone.

Little Braxton ran towards the decorated box gleefully and Danielle says “He thought that his daddy had flown down from heaven to surprise him. He’s been an unhappy little boy for a very long time.”

The box was left for the child by the man who had designed Cody’s headstone. Inside, the little boy found several toys to play with when he visits his father’s grave.

Cody Wells was a member of the Alabama National Guard and worked for a local police department.

This video has already been watched more than six hundred thousand times and received more than ten thousand likes. Many people have been sharing this story on social media, as well as posting comments like:

“‘Who got you that?’ ‘Umm my daddy!’… I MELTED.”

“This is so awesome, it made me cry.”

“I hope that little boy thought that the gift came from his dad, that’s so sweet. Bless that man who left it there.”

“I feel so bad for that boy. He deserved to get his daddy back, but he passed away which is so sad.”

“I hope the little boy and his mummy had a very happy Christmas. Bless them both.”

“I feel so bad. I’m crying. Could you imagine your little boy turning to you and saying ‘mama where’s daddy?’”

“Awwww I love this kid, and the person that made the grave stone.”

“That’s a very emotional video, I have seen till now. God bless this little boy. May all his wishes come true.”

“This makes me wanna cry sense this is the first Christmas without my dad.”

“I remember this, the police held a ceremony in front of my house. Very sad.”

“Great story and even greater head of hair little Braxton!”

“I started crying within the first 20 seconds.”

“I am sorry for the boy. But my dad died too, and I have not seen my dad for 3 years. So I know how the little boy feels. Sorry about your dad. I bet you miss your dad.”

“Bless that Man. That child’s life could have been ruined from what happened to his Daddy. Now, it’s changed in the best way possible.”

More than eight hundred comments have been left on just this one YouTube channel for the family.

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