Whoopi Thought She Could Bully This Fox News Host On Gun Laws. How Jedediah Bila Hits Back? PERFECT

Updated April 12, 2016

On April 7, ABC aired an episode of The View where host Jedediah Bila shattered anti-gun arguments by asking a simple question: If criminals are armed with AR-15 assault rifles why shouldn’t concerned citizens get access to the same weapons?

Bila’s comments followed Whoopi Goldberg’s statement that Sandy Hook families are pursuing a lawsuit against Bushmaster for advertising their AR-15s as “a normal gun for regular people.”

Goldberg said that people involved in the case are looking at the deadly assault weapon from a different perspective. Namely that the firearm “should only be used by the military.”

But the Bila shattered Goldberg’s liberal anti-gun argument with a common truth. She said:

“I know a lot of people who have this gun. It’s semiautomatic, it’s not a military grade weapon. The military uses automatic weapons. But these are guns that a lot of people I know have to protect themselves. And they feel that a lot of criminals have access to these kinds of weapons and they want to have that same right.”

“If a criminal can go in a dark alley and get one of these guns, and I’m sitting in my home and I’m an elderly person or a single mom, or I’m looking to protect my family, why can’t I have access to these same types of weapons?”

After Bila shared her personal experience, cohost Joy Behar countered with, “Why do they need arsenals of them? If you’re going to shoot one criminal all you need is a handgun.”

Bila then said what all American gun lovers were thinking, “I’m not a gun girl. But I’ll defend their Second Amendment rights.”

Do you agree that every American should have access to AR-15s? Or should there be laws to limit access to assault rifles?

Watch the anti-gun argument at the 11-minute mark in the video below.