Why It’s Important To Know What It Means If You Have A Half Shaped Moon On Your Fingernail

Updated August 11, 2017

While fingernails are a very small part of your body, they have a lot to say about the future of your health.

If you have a half-moon shape at the bottom of your fingernails, also known as the lunula, then here are some fun facts about the physical trait…

  • The lunula is actually not part of the nail. Instead, it is an added layer on top of the skin and it covers the blood vessels that lie beneath. Rather than being a part of the nail, it sits beneath it.
  • If you have a lighter-colored lunula, you may be better off. The lightness of the shade may be an indicator of a person’s immune system health.
  • While it may look white, the lunula is not actually white. It just looks white because the nail sits on top of it. The lunula is very sensitive and most visible in the thumb.
  • While everyone has a lunula, not everyone has one that is visible. If you remove your nail, you will still have a lunula because the two aren’t actually connected.
  • The appearance of the lunula is key in detecting your overall health. When a person is ill, their lunula may disappear and when they return to health it reappears. Another indicator of a healthy person is a smooth and glossy lunula.
  • While the lunula can tell us if we are ill or not, it can also reveal certain facts associated with our health and physical well-being. Anemia and malnutrition can be detected if the lunula is smaller than average. Smaller lunulas may also be a sign of a slow metabolism and indigestion.  And if you have a blue lunula you may very well have diabetes. A reddish tone to your lunula may indicate one of the many forms of cardiovascular disease. Overall you should be looking for a lunula that is ivory colored and obvious looking.

  • The size of the lunula can say a lot. One way to ensure that you have a healthy one is to measure it. If it is roughly one-fifth the size of your entire nail then you are looking good in the lunula department.
  • If you are feeling haggard, take a peek at your lunulas. If they look a bit smaller than normal, that could mean that something is wrong with your health.

Who would’ve thought you could learn so much about your health just by looking at those little half-moons on your nails. Now, the next time you or a friend is feeling under the weather, you may want to look at each others lunulas and compare them with someone who is feeling healthy and upbeat. If yours look a little lacking and you are feeling the symptoms to go along with it, it might be time to make an appointment with your doctor. And if you see blue or reddish tones, then you know you can go into your doctor appointment well-armed with some knowledge. It may narrow down a few things for you doc too.