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Why It’s Important To Understand The Meaning Of Tattoo Starting To Pop Up All Over

Tattoos are always going to have some type of meaning, but most people choose ink that is unique. One tattoo that is being seen more and more often kind of looks like a squiggly line with two small hearts. It is being seen on women all over the country, but many people have no idea what it means.This is not the first time that a tattoo has gone viral and left people wanting to know what it means. Not long ago, the semicolon tattoo took off globally.

That tattoo was worn by those who were experiencing depression. The newest viral tattoo that people are talking about also has a rather sad meaning to it.

The squiggly line with the two small hearts is getting inked on women who have experienced a miscarriage. The purpose of the tattoo is to give the mom a connection between herself and her unborn child that she never got to meet. So, it essentially serves as a permanent memorial for the child that never got a chance to come into the world and grow up.

Pregnancy is supposed to be a happy time for women and definitely something to celebrate. When a woman is pregnant, she is growing a new life inside of her. Many women say that before the pregnancy is even confirmed that they started to build a bond with the child growing inside of this. Unfortunately, not all pregnancies go as planned. Some do not even make it into the second trimester. However, whether a woman had the baby in her womb for a few weeks or a few months, she has already started to experience a bond with the child. So, when a miscarriage happens, it can be devastating.

Many of the women who have this tattoo say that no woman should ever have to experience the emotional pain that comes with a miscarriage. However, it is unfortunately not a rare phenomenon. These women further state that unless someone has miscarried, they have no way to fully understand what it feels like. For many women, it is no different than losing a child that they were physically able to hold.

This tattoo was born as a result of the emotional pain that women experience. It seems to help the women more than the sentiments given to them by well-meaning people who simply do not know what to say. It helps women who have lost a piece of their heart when the miscarriage happened and they lost their child.

The ink legitimizes the experience of a miscarriage and the connection that a woman has to their unborn child. It is a simple tattoo, but the meaning is incredibly powerful.

The line shape is meant to represent the silhouette of a pregnant woman carrying her unborn child. Not all of the tattoos will have hearts, but those that do generally have one heart for mom and one for the child that she lost.

Hopefully, this tattoo will bring some peace to women who experienced such a tragic event.