Wife Gets Back To Her Car, Quickly Realizes The Horrible Mistake She Made [video]

Updated April 20, 2017

One Russian married couple is making headlines after a bizarre act of revenge following an unusual tiff.

It all started with an odd contest that their local supermarket was having. The wife, who worked at the supermarket, changed her last name to Veniy, which is the name of the store. Evidently, the store was having some type of bizarre promotion and promised to pay $875 a month to anyone who changed their name. The money would be awarded for the length of time that the name was kept as Veniy, which means “loyal.”

Well, the husband of the name changer thought that her decision was anything but loyal, considering she executed the name change without him knowing. The husband was determined to make the wife suffer for going behind his back, so he did something that he knew would hit her where it counts…

He had a cement truck dump cement into her beloved car until it was filled so high that the substance was touching the steering wheel. Seems like quite an odd way of getting back at someone right? Evidently, the husband found it to be very fitting considering his wife cherished her car and she thrived on keeping it neat and clean.

While the big cement dump was being executed, the husband had someone film him in action and he acted as if this was an everyday type of revenge. He was directing the cement truck operator as if he was tending to a construction project at his house. And he thought nothing of exposing himself on camera.

At one point he says…”The door handles are submerged, I think that’s good enough.”

As people are passing by and watching the scene unfold he is just going about his business laughing as if this is one of the most simple pranks ever pulled. The part that he doesn’t seem to realize is that he, still being her husband he will have to deal with this later on. Sounds like he is creating a much bigger headache for himself in the long run.

While it seems like a bonehead move, the video has received over 1.8 million views in just four days, so maybe he is actually helping to promote the supermarket chain after all.

Commenters shared their opinions on the husband’s extreme act of revenge…

“I hope this idiot gets a fine.”

Others questioned why the cement truck driver agreed to do such a thing…

“The truck driver could be prosecuted, as technically he was the one who agreed to pour the cement. Why would he agree to do that?”

Surprisingly enough, this isn’t the first time that someone has poured cement in a car in an attempt to get revenge. Back in 2013, a man in Russia was caught on camera filling a double-parked car with cement. Evidently, the driver had blocked his exit and he was on the warpath. A similar incident occurred back in the 70s when a scorned lover filled his girlfriend’s car with cement.

People will do anything to get a little payback!