Wife Gets Revenge By Eating Husband’s Secret Stash. Next Day She Has Emergency Surgery [video]

Updated May 10, 2017

Every husband and wife team gets into an argument at some point. Some people are good at repressing their feelings and hiding them from their partners. This might minimize arguments in the short term, but even this type of behavior allows the resentment to boil and grow. Eventually, someone will explode in a fit of rage and do something regrettable. That’s what seems to have happened here…

Because a Colombian wife was angry with her husband, she ate rolls of $100 bills. She simply did not want her husband to be able to access the money. As a result, she took a visit to the surgeon’s office. They cut open Sandra Milena Almeida and removed the cash…

The angry wife ate all this money because she learned the truth about her husband. He was cheating on her.

Because she lost her mind in a “fit of rage”, the Colombian wife devoured their hidden stash of United States dollars.

She had been saving the money to take them on a vacation. But after learning that he had been lying to her about his loyalty for a long time, she decided to take the money and use it to leave him.

Because she ate the money, the next day Almeida from Piedecuesta in northeastern Colombia was rushed to the hospital after complaining about abdominal pains.

She refused to tell the doctor about what was inside her. But an x-ray revealed some strange things. They saw a number of 3-cm long objects inside her body. And they were all the shapes of dollars.

Doctors worked relentlessly hard to save the cash once they realized what it was. But by the time they had gotten to it, her stomach acids had already begun deteriorating the money.

In the end, the surgeons at the Santander University Hospital in Bucaramanga managed to save about $5,700. They cleaned and dried up the money after pulling it out of her body.

At first, Chief Surgeon at the hospital Juan Pablo Serrano thought that Almeida was housing drugs inside of her stomach. He had seen that type of thing before. He admitted that the x-ray images reminded him of other ones that were taken of bags of narcotics.

Dr. Serrano told Colombia’s Radio Caracol: “We took the patient into surgery for two procedures to clear the blockage, on her stomach and intestine. The dollar notes were washed and are in good condition, but the rest of the money was lost because of the gastric fluids.”

Readers on Daily Mail had a lot to say about this jilted wife:

“She couldn’t deposit the funds in bank account like most people would do? Was she being held a prisoner or being frisked if she left the residence? Some people do the darndest things.. Lucky it wasn’t all in Quarters or loose change! Plus the hospital bill for surgery.. Wow..,” wrote one reader.

One London reader put it: “There are some weird and sick people in this world.”

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