Will You Be The First Person To Guess On The First Try The One Tootsie Roll That’s A Drawing?

Updated August 14, 2017

When Howard Lee sits down to draw, he aims to terrify his audience. Not only are his illustrations life-like, they appear to be able to hop off the page and poison the viewer. And now, he has put his skills to the test – Howard Lee has placed his drawing side-by-side with the real thing. Can you tell which is real?

In the Welsh artist’s latest video, he smashes viewers with crazy brainteasers and optical illusions that will leave you speechless. While most quiz makers try to fool the world with mind-numbing images of confusion, Lee’s challenge his different – he has drawn spiders to be so life like, you won’t be able to tell which is real and which…is just a drawing.

Check out the image now because the truth could end your life…

When the clip first starts, you see what appears to be two spiders standing on a piece of white paper. The artist challenges you with a simple question:

“Which is a drawing?”

You have several seconds to figure out if the spider on the left or the right is real or just pencil and paper. Can you tell the difference?

Thousands of people have guessed and more than half have gotten it wrong. If you closed your eyes and randomly guessed, you’d have a better of chance of being right.

…Why? Because Howard Lee’s drawings are so lifelike that you will think the real thing looks fake!

The man from Aberystwyth, Wales in the United Kingdom has stumped the internet – officially.

Because he is an expert in shading and highlighting, his drawings look larger than life. You’ll think that the spider he drew could just jump off the page and bite you.

What’s even more amazing is that the internet is still discovering Howard. His video, shared below, has only amassed about 8,000 views at the time of this writing – although the video went live in September. That means if you’re reading this, you’re seeing this challenge before most of your friends. Pass it on and challenge them and see if they’re able to determine which spider is real and which is just pencil.

According to the video description written by Howard, “How good are YOUR eyes? One of these spiders is actually a DRAWING. Can you spot it before the real one RUNS AWAY?! Artwork drawn with Caran D’Ache Luminance pencils on Daler Canford Card.”

Howard’s fans are fierce and loyal. Here are some of their responses to the amazing video:

I was not prepared,” a shocked viewer admitted.

“Best spider drawing ever.also how did you get the spider to stand still so long to draw it like that? ???”

“How just how. someone teach me”

Although a lot of people have asked how he gets the spider to stand still for the video, Howard has not revealed his methods.

Were you able to guess which spider was real? Do you think your friends and family can get it right?

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