Will You Be The First Person Today To Get All 12 Questions Correct On True Or False Test

Updated March 15, 2017

When I was a student, I always loved true or false questions on tests or quizzes. I knew that I at least had a fifty-percent chance of getting the answer right. Compared with multiple choice tests, which often give four or five potential solutions, true or false is much easier. While I always did well in school, having the odds stacked in your favor can only help.

Now Playbuzz has compiled a new quiz that shares a bunch of random facts that you’ve probably heard throughout your life. The trick here is to remember which facts are true and which are false. Can you get the answer correct?

Give this popular quiz a shot today!

As the creators of the quiz write, “You’ve probably seen quite a few random facts in your day, but have you actually been paying attention?”

Scroll through the quiz at the bottom of this page, and you’ll discover that it is loaded with a lot of interesting information.

If you don’t want to have the answers spoiled for you, TAKE THE QUIZ NOW. We are about to go in depth about some of the answers.

One strange question asks you about crystals. While we are all familiar with the geological objects that grow within the earth’s crust, Playbuzz asks if it is true or false whether “There are crystals in your head that can make you sick if they come loose.”

The answer might be shocking, but there are crystals inside your head. According to the quiz creator, “Your inner ear has small calcium crystals called “otoconia,” and if they ever become detached from the ear canal, it can cause dizziness.”

Another great question has to do with dates. And while it is a challenging one, it is also very interesting and gives you a better perspective on world history.

“Oxford University has been around longer than the Aztec Empire.”

Because you probably think of the Aztecs as an ancient group of people living in Mexico like the Ancient Egyptians were in Africa, most people choose ‘false’ for this one. But that’s wrong. “Oxford became the school it is today in 1249, and the Aztecs didn’t exist until 1325.”

How well do you know economics and business? “With 19 headquarters, Minnesota is home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other state.”

Is this true or false? Which corporate companies do you think of when you think of Minnesota? I know Target pops up and so does Best Buy. But do they have the most in the whole country?

Nope! “They’re only in 9th place. There are 54 Fortune 500 companies based in California.”

Not only does Minnesota not have the most Fortune 500 companies, they also do not have 19. There are only 17 headquarter in the northern state.

How did you fare on this difficult true or false quiz? Did you get more than half of them right? Or were you stumped? Be honest and give it your best shot!

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