Without Asking McDonald’s Cuts A Farmer’s Landscaping So He Gets Revenge In Hilarious Way

Updated August 10, 2017

Anyone who has ever owned a home knows how important good relations with neighbors can be in maintaining a civilized community, and you also know how quickly petty disputes can explode. Well, we just found a story about a farmer in the United Kingdom who just upped the stakes in an ongoing turf war with his neighbor, and you are going to laugh out loud when you see what he did.

A farmer in rural England is engaged in a dispute with his neighbor about some hedges. He recently came out to find that a fast food restaurant located next door had cut down some of the hedges on his property to increase visibility from a nearby thoroughfare.

The conflict unfolded in Owen, Hampshire, where the management of a new McDonald’s restaurant located inside a gas station has trimmed some of the unidentified property owner’s hedges so that their sign can be seen from nearby streets.

In retaliation, the farmer has placed a number of large bales of hay directly in front of their sign, making it virtually invisible.

This story has been getting shared a lot in social media, and people have been taking to Facebook to express their thoughts on the unneighborly dispute, saying things like:

“If it’s his property, the company needs to abide by his rules. they sure don’t let people do what they want on their property! Good for the farmer!”- Debra Cook

“A wise man with a great solution!”- Hoke Thomas

“If the hedge was on the farmer’s property and the sign was erected without permission or compensation, he has every right to retaliate!”- Gail Brown

“Really? A huge chain like McDonald’s can’t be bothered to ask permission or offer compensation to the owner of the fence? Good on him for blocking the sign!”- Geri Jenkins

“If that’s the farmers land then McDonald’s have no right putting a sign on it. Well done farmer for helping to prevent people eating this rubbish!”- Patty Gilbert

Of course, this being the internet and all, at least one Facebook user decided to use a story about a bale of hay and a fast food chain as a launch pad for his disdain of the pharmaceutical industry, saying:

“It’s a great statement against corporations who think that they can do anything they want. They disrespect people with their lack of consideration and care for the individual. Big Pharma doesn’t want to find cures that would lessen their profits. They will do almost anything to stop a cure from being approved by the Government. I wonder how many people question why so many drugs have side effects that prompt you to buy more drugs with more side effects that prompt you to buy. etc, etc, etc. Does it make you wonder is Big Pharma adding the side effects? More profit.”- Gerrard Doyle

So, what do think of this farmer’s retaliation? Do you think it will work out in his favor, or do you think it will come back to bite him in the end? Please share your thoughts with us here.