Woman Gets Sentimental Tattoo On Her Chest, Now Says It’s Ruining Her Love Life

Updated November 8, 2017

Tattoos should have meaning and should be something that people are proud to display. However, this was not true for a woman named Adele Smith. She got a tattoo that was sentimental at the time of getting inked. However, over the years she has started to regret her decision about this. This is because she says that the tattoo is having a negative impact on her love life. Men are not wanting to date her because of the tattoos that she had printed on her chest

Newfoundland dogs have a lifespan of approximately eight years. Smith had a dog of this breed named Max and when his eighth birthday came along, she knew that there was a chance that he could read the end of his life at any time. Since she loved this dog so much, she wanted to get a tattoo to help her to remember him.

Once Max got to eight years old, she took the time to trace his paw prints. She wanted to do a tattoo dedicated to him that included his prints. She chose her chest as the location for the ink. Each of the paws on her chest measures 3.5 inches high by eight inches wide, so it is a rather sizable tattoo and one that people would definitely notice if her chest was exposed at all.

Smith loved the tattoo when she got it, but now she is saying that she regrets it and that her art was a mistake. She says that men do not want to date her as a result of her getting this tattoo. Some people have created nick names for Smith as a result of her tattoo. Some of these names are really awful and crude, making Smith insecure about her tattoo.

She said that when people look at her or try to engage in conversation, it always ends up being about her breasts. She says that her intentions for the tattoo remain because she wanted to remember Max and still does. However, when she looks at her breasts, she does not see a nice, sentimental piece of art. Instead, she thinks of the mistake that she made in getting the tattoo and not about her beloved dog.

She said that she needed a larger space for her dog’s prints due to his size. She felt that her chest was the only area on her body that was large enough to place the ink.

She just got the tattoo 10 years ago, so it did not take long for her to start regretting her decision about this. However, she is now 28 and it was just last year that the tattoo really started making her feel a sense of regret over her art.

She says that the tattoo has caused her to experience a reduction in her confidence and this is what is hurting her dating life. She has since began laser treatment to have the tattoo removed from her chest, but it will be approximately 18 months before the tattoo is fully removed.